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Title: New Seaport owner
Post by: pritch on February 25, 2014, 10:21:25 am
Hi folks

I've joined the forum having seen this dedicated section to the Seaport which is fantastic  :-)). I have recently purchased a modified Seaport on ebay so that, with Spring (hopefully!) just around the corner I can once again go sailing with my dad locally, as I have had "issues" with my Aquacraft Bristol Bay that have kept me off the water and are going to be tough to resolve as she is a glued together design  :((

When dad wanted to get into boating he bought a Hobbyengine tug - the "Southampton" - and with the help of another modeller via email I modified that by binning the standard electrics and sticking two mtroniks ESCs in (she's a twin motor, twin prop design) and 3ch 2.4 Ghz radio gear in for total control. She can turn on a sixpence now, crab, do the lot, albeit she's not that quick  {-)

But the best thing about working on that was the access - simply remove a dozen screws or so and you can have the deck off and get at everything. So I knew I wanted that this time around, and in a compact size as space is at a premium - so I arrived at the Seaport!

My boat has been modified by the previous owner with an old Mtroniks Sonik 3 Eco ESC (w/ reverse), a Graupner Speed 400 7.2v motor and coupling, and a Zebra 3ch 40mhz Radio system. There's a Hitec servo for the rudder now too which I presume is another addition. The transmitter has a rudder control that has been rigged so that the 3rd channel activates the lights if pushed forward, and the pump for the cannon if pulled back.

Yes! - the previous owner retained the cannon and ballast tank. I know from having a read on the forum that most have removed the tank, and I must admit in tests in the bath, which are all I've done so far, she is taking on a bit of water inside, not from the prop or rudder I think, but from near the tank. Does this sound normal?

Also included were three 2500mah 9.6v packs which concerned me a bit - I know the original electrics ran on 9.6v but I suspect this is a bit much for the uprated components. I do have some 2S lipos I could fit in the boat, but I have noticed that with the pump running the lights dim a bit, so wonder if the higher voltage is needed when all features are being used. Opinions welcomed.

Any other thoughts and advice on the Seaport welcomed - I can't wait to get her on to the water which will probably spawn lots more questions!!

Here's a couple of picture from the listing, but I hope to have some better ones to share soon


Title: Re: New Seaport owner
Post by: Martin [Admin] on February 25, 2014, 03:08:38 pm

Hey Pritch!

Welcome to the Mayhem!

( All post must be validated by any living Oscar winner! )

What sort of style are you going to make  her, as is or modified look?

 Martin  :-)
Title: Re: New Seaport owner
Post by: pritch on February 25, 2014, 06:58:56 pm
Hi Martin!

Thanks for the welcome - nice forum you have here!

I think the first thing to do is just get her out on to the water and enjoy a bit of boating with my dad. I'm a pretty busy working chap and don't have enough time as I would like for the hobby (I have had r/c cars for a lot longer than the boats - I've built crawlers, buggies, etc.) This is evidenced by the number of vehicles I have around that all need attention of some sort! I'd love to scratch build a boat one day but that's probably going to have to wait until I've made my fortune!!  {-)

After a run or two I should know if there are any problems with the way she runs that might need looking at, obviously that will be a priority. Assuming that goes ok I have already thought of some cosmetic changes I would like to make, mostly just paint but also some new better quality hardware to replace some rusty screws, and take it from there I think. I don't see myself changing her too much to be honest, I think she is ok for what she is. Having said that I am a typical hobbyist and nothing is ever really "finished" hehe

To be honest, I did buy her with the thought of just having something hopefully reliable to run in mind. I need to take my Bristol Bay apart to fix her properly and that's daunting me as she's well glued and I'm not sure how best to proceed. I will probably post another thread elsewhere about that actually in due course. Anyway, Seaport will hopefully allow me to just enjoy myself for now!
Title: Re: New Seaport owner
Post by: tugboat pete on February 27, 2014, 01:34:53 am
 :-))Hi there pritch and a welcome from us lot on mayhem just read your current post i think you will have a lot of fun with your seaport best of luck with the mod and good sailing in the spring best regards. Tugboat pete YAAAARG