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Title: Dumas Myrtle Cory.
Post by: wadsworthj on April 20, 2014, 11:36:00 AM
Having nearly finished building the "myrtle Cory", by dumas,
I feel qualified to make some comments on the kit.
1. the quality of their wood is often criticised and I must say that it could be on the whole, better.
the cnc pieces are good and fall out easily, even the wheel pieces.
The plastic bits are ok, but as usual, cut carefully.
The instructions are very good, as long as you stick to them !! if you do not, and I did not, you will find
your self between a rock, etc.
One thing I found odd, was when you plank up, and there is a lot of it, and double curvature.
it will warp, but this will sort itself out as you go along.
all in all I have enjoyed building it, and hand on heart can recommend it.
As it seems my files are too large, p.m. me for any photos, you  may wish to see.cheers  John.

After all it is not the dearest kit on the planet.
I also have put my own slant on it, the kit lends itself, to alteration, for the adventurous.
Good luck Cheers  John W.