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Title: Action P93 advice +prop rotation
Post by: david48 on June 21, 2014, 05:20:08 PM
I am useing the Suggested installation Action Units drawing for Fairmount Alpine drawn by Mr Dave Milbourn. On drawing 1 this shows P93 conected to P95 and then to bow thruster.
I have fitted a stern thruster.  Have I made an error of judgement when I bought the parts , should I have bought 2 P93 or am I missing something .I also have a multi switch prop decoder and a multi switch pro Tx Module. Ihave a twin stick navy Tx
If I do need another P93 a drawing on conection set up would be good.What I am trying to finish up with is independant control on all 4 motors . This brings me to the other thing ! The build has a left and a right handed prop does this mean the motors can go in the same direction. I do not know what the real thing does. I wish I could put it on a chart "ie" the permutations inward ,outward LH/RH.
Well that's enough to confuse me for the time being

Title: Re: Action P93 advice +prop rotation
Post by: inertia on June 21, 2014, 05:58:44 PM
The stern thruster will need a speed controller of its own. If you want to use the main 12v power supply then this speed controller will need to be another P93, set to Mode 2 (50% ESC). You could use the same two terminals of the P92 Distribution Board for both of the P93 units. Control of the stern thruster is via the Multiprop decoder using either K7 or K8 (rotary knobs) - see drawing 2.
If you want independent control of the main motors using the twin sticks then you should connect the red/black/white leads marked S and T from P94 to the two channels of the receiver which are operated by the two sticks. The P94's DIL switches should be set to Mode 1.
The motors rotate in opposite directions - hence the LH and RH props. Usually the starboard prop rotates clockwise when viewed from the rear, while the port prop rotates anticlockwise (both when going forward). You simply swap over the two wires between the speed controller and the motor to reverse its rotation, if necessary. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you reverse the power connections!
I would strongly advise you to instal and connect the units one at a time, checking your wiring and testing each circuit as you go. If you suddenly hit a problem then you will know it's the last unit you connected that's the cause. There's nowt worse than wiring up a complicated set-up like this, only to find that you have a short somewhere. Ask me how I know................
Good luck; this is a very complex model.
Dave M
Title: Re: Action P93 advice +prop rotation
Post by: david48 on June 21, 2014, 11:19:23 PM
Thank you Dave for that exelant  advice .I will get one ordered up from Component Shop at the next round of budget distribution from the holder of the pricey purse.
Thanks again no dout I will require further help as you say  it's a bit complex
Regards David