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Title: V 24 Advice and help please. :)
Post by: Jeman on April 02, 2015, 07:55:36 PM
Hi all.....I purchased a Aquacraft V24 1/5 boat a good few months ago and have yet to run it. It's a pre owned one with a fantastic paint job.......but I've read a good few nightmare stories on these boats about issues with the paint cracking due to the vibration of the engine.  So how do I reinforce the hull and lessen the engine vibration ? And then there is the issue of how to balance the propeller ?  I know these boats have a shady past, but I really want to get this one as prepped as I can before running it. I know I will need to bin the standard engine at some stage for a Better one, but would like to run it.....without killing the paintwork lol.  I'm in Behill on sea, East Sussex  so if anyone can point me to someone/shop local as well would be great :-))   
Title: Re: V 24 Advice and help please. :)
Post by: craig dickson on April 03, 2015, 08:36:47 PM
Hi Mark

When it comes to Ready to Run or Almost Ready to Run Gas boats, the one thing that sells them massively is their fabulous paint jobs and striking graphics, coupled with professional impressive promotional material, including video clips professionally cut.

My contribution here for the record is not related to the V24 boat that you refer to, because I have zero experience of it. So therefore my comments here are along general lines, having tried the RTR boats:

You said that you are keen to give it a run?

My key bit of advice is to dunk test the supplied radio box with lid in situ etc, done if needed with box out of the boat or exhaust removed to prevent water getting into any engine components.

If your radio box remains leak free and dry inside, I would give your boat a run and see how it goes, safe in the knowledge that your radio control should keep you in control of the boat ok2

In terms of vibrations:

Big props for Gas Boats need to be balanced. Alloy ones less than Beryllium Copper or Stainless props. But they should all be balanced to reduce vibration and wear on key bearings. It is easy to do with a bit of work and a good magnetic prop balancer for little cost.

Good Engine alignment to the drive shaft is also key to minimising vibrations, coupled with secure mounts that incorporate rubber bobbins suitable for the engine in question. With an RTR boat, I am not sure how such alignments can be verified as being satisfactory.

One last important thing I would say to other viewers of this topic is this:

If you have your sights on a Ready To Run boat.....If you have watched the impressive promotional videos from the supplier... search the internet and YouTube for a more balanced opinion before you buy.....

Okay, enough from me. Hopefully a few pointers. My first experience of a gas/petrol boat was a ready to run model and it was a good way to get hooked on these boats despite the limitations and problems encountered. Boy did I learn a lot from my first Gas Boat! :-))

Keep us posted following your first run.

Craig :-)

Title: Re: V 24 Advice and help please. :)
Post by: craig dickson on April 03, 2015, 08:51:22 PM
Hi Mark

For the benefit of anyone viewing these threads, this clip from five years ago, shows my first ever run of my RTR Gas boat...

For me it was a great introduction despite the subsequent short comings of the boats internal components......

Craig :-)
Title: Re: V 24 Advice and help please. :)
Post by: Brigadair on April 03, 2015, 09:11:35 PM
Please see my post below before reading this.

Have to add, the Navicraft Unlimited was a little heavy. Fortunately, during a competitive race, a fellow racer ran over the top of it and carefully removed a good chunk of the aft deck.

Boat then much lighter and faster!!

Title: Re: V 24 Advice and help please. :)
Post by: Brigadair on April 03, 2015, 09:16:40 PM
Hi all

Yes good advice craig.

Just on dunking the radio box, probably not necessary for two reasons.

1) it will leak and wreck the radio gear in it!! If you must dunk it, make sure you strip receiver and rest of electrics out first.

2) powerplant which comes with rtr gassers are not usually powerfull enough to flip boat. My only rtr gas boat was the Navicraft unlimited cat bought from Leeds model center. It got me hooked on gas powered racing craft. Having used it to get back into the hobby, I later replaced the lawnmower engine which powered it with a zenoha and the rest of the internals, also got replaced, the silencer was replaced with a proper tuned pipe, and it then it went on to  win  the BMPRS CHAMPIONSHIP in 2013.

So do persevere with the v24! You might find it is a fantastic learning tool, and who knows a proper race winner in due course.