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Title: mm models variant barge as a powered vessel
Post by: bilgerat on October 05, 2015, 12:32:26 AM
Hello all,

Probably one for he tuggies this one. I am doing a mobile marine Variant tow barge for my little Southampton to drag around.

It has struck me that this hull may make a basis for a completely freelance powered vessel to carry pipes / wind turbine blades etc. here is a link to the hull in question.

my question is - I am concerned that the water flow may not be ample enough to the props due to the hull shape and having no swim etc. has anyone any experience in powering these as any feedback would be most useful. Considering a rudderless design with a large skeg and steered via a twin screw set up and mixer, as I think the hull shape will make it very difficult to install korts. Schottel drive would be the obvious solution but they are a bit expensive and can you still get them?

 May even fit a bow thruster just for giggles too,  Been looking around for my next future build and just cannot find anything that fits the bill tug wise to tickle my fancy at the moment, so am looking at doing this as it could prove quite interesting and would make a completely unique model, as well as giving shed loads of space to fit working gadgets, so that's my rationale for thinking along these lines.
thanks in advance

Title: Re: mm models variant barge as a powered vessel
Post by: portside II on June 05, 2016, 06:40:54 PM
Jotika (Caldercraft) are selling schottle drives, i think they are 40mm 55mm and 70mm. Saw some at CADMA, although i dont think they
are as good as the Graupner ones (tug towing) they should be great for your application.
I am sure Westbourne models have them on their web site, i believe they are simular to the cem type.
The Variant would make a great powered vessel.