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Title: The Bark- 'Melanope'
Post by: Nemo on February 21, 2016, 08:54:02 pm
For those who, like me, are interested in maritime history and particular ships, may like to read  the amazing history of a fine vessel who had a fascinating history over many decades.

I was reading and researching the following members topic -   and whilst studying his photo of the Empress of Russia being 'coaled-up' I became interested in the lines of the collier attending her, It was obvious that it had been a square-rigged vessel at one time and I could just make out the name 'Melanope'
A bit of Googling etc  produced an amazing story of the lifetime of this beautiful ship which had finished its working life in such a lowly position. This link will lead to the story which will take some time to read but it is well worth it.