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Title: New To Me Mini12 (US12)
Post by: oldflyer2 on April 18, 2016, 04:20:32 pm
I picked this boat up about three weeks ago. It is a closed class, mini12 design. It replaced the Soling1mtr as the club class at several clubs around here, mainly because of it's ability to scoot through or over the weeds.

It is 45" long, weighs no less than 16lbs,  and uses a Soling 1mtr rig for the standard sail set and there is a "b" rig available as well.

This boat has raced nearly every year for the last ten, and it is a proven winner (in another sailors hands) having won the season totals no less than three times.

She was showing some war wounds so I gave her a quick body job and threw some paint at her and she will be ready to start yet another racing season in three weeks time.