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Title: Seehund
Post by: colin-stevens on August 14, 2007, 06:22:08 pm
Started this long time ago. Never realy done a sub before, apart from Biber, and that never worked properly. Any way thought i would post some piccies as things seem to be a bit dead here.
if memory serves me she is at 1/9th. main tube is drain pipe, the rest is balsa frames and planking. then coverd in resin and cloth. when that had cured cut frames out and then covered the inside in resin. very stong. the week point is where the front and rear join the tube. the WTC is from PanDan, unfortuantly it aint big enough to receive displaced air. Working on that. have had it working once when i was using a box and lid, leaked a bit too much, hence swapping over to a WTC. it used to dive on a bag filling with air from the WTC, but the WTC didnt have enough capacity. ZAlso dont much like the idea of its natural state being sunk. so i am now thinking about filling a bag with water and pumping it out to surface, reckon that is a bit safer.
it has been through quite a few re-incarnations over time and at the moment is looking somewhat dejected, but i will give her some TLC when i get her working.
Title: Re: Seehund
Post by: colin-stevens on August 14, 2007, 06:28:15 pm
and here are couple of her painted up and one of mark 2 WTC.
Title: Re: Seehund
Post by: Sub driver on August 14, 2007, 09:41:19 pm
Thanks for posting the pics of the seehund, I have always liked this model, and you have done a grand job in making her well done .
I agree we need more subs to look at on here. Thanks  ;D ;D