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Title: Introduction from a newbie
Post by: wild1 on July 05, 2017, 11:03:04 PM
Hi all and many thanks for accepting me into your group.

I am a retired British wildlife cameraman living here in Malaysia, actually when I say retired I mean from camera work but now I own and run a bed and breakfast called Stephens-Place in Fraser's hill, Malaysia.

I joined this forum on the recommendation of a man called Allan Woodward, after I contacted him about his lifeboat video on Utube.

It all started years and years ago as a child when my parents would take us on the annual holiday to some seaside towns in the UK and inevitably I would spend hours with my dad at the life boat shed. In those days I think we spent more hours in the Whitby lifeboat shed than the crew, and since then I have been in awe with these boats from then for all of my life. I truly think in the world to day these guys are real heroes. I frequently watch in awe their heroics on video clips on the Utube and cannot believe their courage.

I started model making 30 years ago building and flying helicopters and planes and eventually drones here in Malaysia, infact we were the first company to commercially fly cameras from RC machines more than 25 years ago here in Malaysia.

I don't fly anymore but over the years my love of the RNLI has caught up with me so I want to take the plunge and own a Severn or Tamar class 1/12 scale RC boat.

I am aware building one is a task and my wife reckons I should ask if anyone has one fore sale first but failing this I will eventually have a go at building one somehow. If I go down this road please bear with me because I fear I will have lots of basic questions to ask. If any one does have a completed boat for sale please let me know or even a partly completed boat is also something I would consider.

Sorry for the length of this intro but I am quite excited about this while project however at my time of life I am wondering if I may have left it too long to start.

Thanks again.
Title: Re: Introduction from a newbie
Post by: Shipmate60 on July 06, 2017, 08:01:17 AM
Welcome to Mayhem.

Title: Re: Introduction from a newbie
Post by: Tug-Kenny on July 06, 2017, 10:41:43 AM

It's never  'To late to start'.

You appear to be in a place with plenty of Wood.  Out with the axe.   :-))

Welcome again and have a read in our Lifeboat section.



Title: Re: Introduction from a newbie
Post by: ballastanksian on July 06, 2017, 09:14:26 PM
Welcome to the forum! I imagine you will have some lovely hardwoods in Malaysia.

If you buy from a member on this site you are more likely to receive it well packaged, though I would worry about sending a completed model that far as accidents do happen.

Part built projects can either be a dream to complete or a nightmare, so do be careful if you go down that route. Look at as many pictures as possible to ascertain wether it has problems that need just remedial work, or a complete rebuild.

If you want to build from scratch, maybe starting with a simpler model would be wise to allow you to get to grips with material handling and finding out all about the glues and surface preparations etc. Meanwhile you can research your real project to within an inch of it's life and be really well prepared when you start building it. Also, you will have a simpler model to sail while you are building your Lifeboat.

Out of interest, where is your nearest potential sailing pond/lake? As Ken said, there is a wealth of information on all types of vessel and lots on Lifeboats built by skilled chaps.

Remember, the only stupid question is the one you didn't ask, but many can be found here and lots of piccies!
Title: Re: Introduction from a newbie
Post by: wild1 on July 08, 2017, 06:30:38 AM
Thank you all for your hearty welcome.

Where I live is on a remote hill station here in Malaysia, we have a tourist boat lake but my son and I would be the only RC boaters here.
I am guessing there are boaters near Kuala Lumpur but in general people here don't model build. Here they buy ready built speed boats for thrashing around ponds. Not many are into scale and definitely not into building.
However I would also be interested to buy a ready built boat so I am not a great deal different than the general modellers here. The life boats are my passion but the close second is the Vosper Torpedo boat. So if I buy a ready built life boat then I would build the Vosper.

My biggest problem here is the lack of modelling resources and my actual remote location so everything I would buy would have to be shipped in from overseas.

All this said I am still keen to move forward and take the advice seriously, i have down loaded so many modellers build pics of the life boat and so much info I almost feel like I have already built the boat however I am not so stupid to think that I can do this easily.

I will be posting as I proceed so hope that the members will be gentle with me hahaha.

Thanks again.

Title: Re: Introduction from a newbie
Post by: canabus on July 08, 2017, 07:15:58 AM
Hi Stephen
Welcome to the mayhem, ask all the questions and we will try and help.

Also I sent you a PM message

Title: Re: Introduction from a newbie
Post by: wild1 on November 24, 2017, 05:25:50 AM
Hi and Good Afternoon,

Referring to my introduction I still have not taken the step to build my severn class 1/12 scale lifeboat. I am still living in hope that some one will want to sell a completed model.
However as time goes on I may have to take the plunge as it where. Can anyone advise me on the difficulty level of putting the speedline kits together please? Has anyone ever put any other engine inside other than electric motors?