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Title: RN future subs
Post by: BrianB6 on August 29, 2017, 01:08:59 AM
I saw this on BBC news: (

We have eels in our dam if that's any help!
Title: Re: RN future subs
Post by: tugmad on August 29, 2017, 08:45:41 AM
We can't even put any planes on our new aircraft carrier, so there in No hope for any of these.
Title: Re: RN future subs
Post by: ballastanksian on August 29, 2017, 08:21:25 PM
I am not sure the manta ray style hull would be very efficient as otherwise it would have been tried even if not as literally as this design. WW2 subs were not very efficient compared with today's blimp shaped designs.

I think the UK would be well served economically as well as nationally by developing our own top spec guided missiles with nuclear capability should it be needed. These days such missiles have the legs to reach many points that ICBMs were designed for, and if we design our own then we have the pride in saying that we do not need to lease our deterrent from any other nation like with Trident and Polaris before  ;D

A sub the size of those that currently carry Trident could carry more Guided missiles or the same number with a selection of warheads. It seems that our Governments know what is round the corner far more than they let on  ;) , so maybe just setting out with the required warheads would be feasible.
Title: Re: RN future subs
Post by: roycv on August 30, 2017, 08:57:57 AM
Hi ballastankiam, your views are similar to those of Duncan Sandys back in the 60's-70's when he decided to go for guided missiles and so no fighters or bombers would be needed.  The problem is that is all or nothing solution, with no intermediary ability.
The current goings on with N.Korea has them threatening who ever with missiles but then what?  They are not equipped to move soldiers, so can't invade anyone apart from on land, going south and they would not encroach on China and cannot get to Japan.
Sorry not meant to be political just using an example.
If you watch the N.K. propoganda and the soldiers marching, the precision is remarkable, see also 'precision marching' on You tube.
I was in the RAF for 4 years, nobody ever tried to march like that it takes continuous dedication to achieve it.  Not a lot of time left for actual training for combat!  Perhaps they even have to select 'soldiers' for marching ability?  But that is on the surface, I suspect the rest are good old fashion 'cannon fodder'.

Also consider where imported electronics comes from, I would not be surprised to find out that  specialised 'chips' coming from the far east had a couple of 'special' circuits amongst the millions of existing ones.  To be activated when needed!
Consider30 to 40 years ago that coding and encryption devices made in the USA and exported had CIA back door entry or perhaps not quite the quoted protection so thay they could be accessed by 'another'.  I can't think of any reason why this practice may have stopped.

Not conspiracy theory. as I watched a documentary on cable TV night before last on codes and cyphers and this was a feature of the programme.

I think there will always be conventional armed forces although drone pilots sit in comfortable armchairs a goodly distance away from the action and perhaps there will be fighting robots, but it all costs a lot in resources better employed else where.  The current outing of ISIS by allied forces has shown how necessary it is to have soldiers on the ground trained to do this.
Most of all, it comes down to trust.  Most of humanity just want to get on with their lives.  Then someone comes along to take advantage etc. etc.
regards Roy
Title: Re: RN future subs
Post by: TailUK on August 30, 2017, 12:38:47 PM
I think our "imagineers" may have been watching to much 1960s television
Title: Re: RN future subs
Post by: Akira on August 30, 2017, 01:20:14 PM
I was thinking that there was lot in common with Seaview's Flying sub......
Title: Re: RN future subs
Post by: Netleyned on August 30, 2017, 01:42:40 PM
If they did an inverted ski jump next to the one fitted
Submersibles could be launched pdq %%
Title: Re: RN future subs
Post by: roycv on August 30, 2017, 02:04:25 PM
Hi all, The thinking behind Trident has had its day, it is still based on WW2 big bomb ideas.  When accuracy was a problem, a big bomb was the solution.
We have seen recordings of drones targetting people and small targets.  One missile one target - all over!

The areas of explosives technology is moving on but not with nuclear explosives.  Nano technology is being used with existing explosives to triple the effect, most of the European governments are participating.
We already know of drones as small as a small butterfly able to transmit pictures so the missile gets smaller as well.
Imagine a silent flying drone alighting on your shoulder with assassination in mind, just a gram of explosive would do the job.

The delivery vehicle for the armed miniature drone may still be a more conventional aircraft, but as was suggested in a recent book I read (fiction) what is to stop a current type fighter going into battle supported with say 3 autonomous fighers armed with miniature missiles (more difficult to detect and eliminate).
All that is what we see, unseen there is a current battle going on in cyber space to disrupt a country's infra structure and security.
Should hostilities break out then you could wake up to no power available, dwindling water supplies, no TV or radio no information or Internet access.

So fancy all singing and fantastic submarines, aircraft carriers locked into Window 7 are not going to be much use or help.  I was listening to a radio4 programme this morning (9a.m.) to a lady saying that equipping our white goods with Internet access was a solution for a problem no one had thought of!  Apparently a fridge with an internet email address had gone on a physhing expedition would you believe?

My son was telling me his new car has Internet access under its own command, should there be an accident it sends the information to a command centre and with the GPS information a rescue truck will arrive asap.
I hope to stay un-hackable for as long as possible.

regards Roy

Title: Re: RN future subs
Post by: roycv on August 30, 2017, 02:11:10 PM
Nice pictures, but maybe they are full size? 
So where does that leave us model makers?  Instead of building to a reduced scale maybe we shall have to make a model 4 times the size of the prototype as we do not have the technology for miniaturization.
regards Roy
Title: Re: RN future subs
Post by: Netleyned on August 30, 2017, 02:18:10 PM
No need for bang shoots to end the World.
Just disable every mobile phone network {-)

Ooh and tinternet %)

Title: Re: RN future subs
Post by: tonyH on August 30, 2017, 06:20:25 PM
It's reassuring to see that the concentration is on the aggressor side of the page - doing stuff in someone else's bit of the planet, rather than starting from looking after our own bit of water {:-{ ?