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Title: Super service from CMB
Post by: JB on September 15, 2017, 03:00:28 pm
Only spent 10 days in hospital following another bout of Pneumonia and Pulmonary Oedema (I should be dead really,twice over now, can't get rid of me that easy %% )

Placed on online order with Cornwall Model Boats on 12 sign of it today 15th ?
asked for first class delivery so should be here by now {:-{

Phoned CMB got the answerphone so left a message, sent an email as well

8 minutes later   a reply from Sarah at CMB ...order delayed due to waiting for Tamiya plugs,(I need them for my Deans HMS Solebay). will be sent today, should be here tomorrow or problem  :-))

Full marks to Cornwall Model Boats for responding to a query so fast O0

Waiting for a TV enginneer to fix our freeview's rubbish.. wife going mental >>:-( anyone got/tried freesat?

Can't get a gardener to cut our forest down..they don't want to work if it's been raining..too wet they say, my son say's these young lads have a very poor work ethic... <*<

My jag XJ is being delivered back to me by the Jag specialist (they collected the car for repairs on Monday, only found a sensor crying wolf!) first class service I reckon.

apart from all that it's going aiong nice and easy <:(

Do you think I should order my ticket online for the Blackpool show next month :((

Sorry about the photo quality i'll post a better one when I find my camera %%


Title: Re: Super service from CMB
Post by: david48 on September 15, 2017, 05:26:03 pm

Freesat  ,we have it all ok ,lots of channels some good some  bad as with all TV . works off sky dish just buy freesat box . we do get a conflict ,it will not let you watch some things if you are recording , that is STV Frequencies are a bit close but that might just be up in our area in Scotland .
Title: Re: Super service from CMB
Post by: JB on September 17, 2017, 10:18:06 pm
Thank you for the information david, TV repair man came and said our aerial needed replacing, it was 12 years old, he did the job straight away, all fixed now, I'll consider freesat later, he said it would be expensive, we don't have a dish.

Cornwall model boats sent an email in response to my query about my order not being received, all goods received 16.sept, Saturday.

I have emailed to let them know my order has been received, thanked Sarah at CMB for their excellent service :-))

Title: Re: Super service from CMB
Post by: Mike S on September 19, 2017, 02:36:23 pm
Hi JaB,
Hope you are feeling better after your recent 'near death' experience. I would just like to endorse your comments about CMB. I am busy building and fitting out a trawler hull at the moment, and ordered all the runing gear, motor, and other bits & pieces from CMB, in several orders. Everything arrived within a couple of days, highly recommended.
Nice model of HMS Solebay BTW, (Battle class destroyer?).
Title: Re: Super service from CMB
Post by: JB on September 19, 2017, 04:50:07 pm
Hi Mike, thanks for the post, still a bit off colour, 2 more nurses been to see me today..I've developed  a very awkward problem in a very awkward place  :D {-)

I wont go into detail but all the women want to have a look :o   %% {-)

Seems they think it's a bed sore !!!!!!!!!!!!..I'm not so sure <:(

anyway..enough of all that

Yes a Deans Marine HMS solebay, a battle class destroyer, it's a fine model built by a forum member, he's done a first class job, smoke system, radar rotates, turrets turn with the left tranny stick..ailerons if you fly mode 1..I was mode 2  and a siren, not heard that yet the battery is flat ! not had chance to sort it out yet, too poorly but picking up now,

My old Jag is not back yet, just about to phone the garage, hope they haven't lost it! my camera is in the glove box I hope...
I'll post some photo's later, it's good enough to show at Blackpool.. really! don't know if I'll manage to be there yet, fingers crossed.

Cheers for now :-))