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Title: Academy 1/150 Type IXB RC Conversion
Post by: redboat219 on September 24, 2017, 12:35:45 AM

After seeing several conversion projects of Academy's 1/150 Type IXB uboat to RC I decided to have a try and make my own. I bought an Academy 1/150 Type IXB from my LHS and  started modifying the kit to RC. The kit comes with an automatic diving and surfacing mechanism composed of fixed front diving planes and a movable rear dive plane connected to a non-scale fictional "radar mast" that tilts back everytime the sub 's conning tower goes under causing the rear planes to tilt up and surface the boat.  Since I onky have a2ch receiver to spare I decided to go with just rudder and throttle control. I'll retain the automatic dive mechanism. A couple of Japanese modelers converted Doyusha 1/150 Type VIIs with auto dive surface control and they work beautifully. I'll post the link to youtube to one of them.

Started by cutting off the pins  off the stern dive plane support arms and using a 1mm drill bit to drill out the tips of the arm and dive plane to accept a 1/32" brass rod.

I also cut the pivot pins off the "radar mast". It's part of the automatic surface mechanism. I bored a 1/16" hole through the pivot point of the arm and support in the tower.

I fabricated a stuffing tube out of 1/8" brass tubing and copper eyelets which act as bearings. I added a grease fill tube on top.

Top of the rudder shaft was drilled out to accept a small screw.

My electronic are; 9 gm micro servo, HobbyWing 20A esc, Airtronic  2ch 75mhz receiver. Still deciding on which battery to use.

Youtube video  of Japanese 1/150 Type VII (

The model is free running and only uses a simple on and off motor control.
Title: Re: Academy 1/150 Type IXB RC Conversion
Post by: redboat219 on September 24, 2017, 12:48:25 AM
My photos are too big.