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Post by: Neil on December 10, 2017, 03:38:58 PM

I see the sleazy max Clifford has croaked in prison...........

I was told by a friend of mine who was a freelance journalist and photographer, who was writing for a tabloid at one stage that a story he was writing about me was the subject of a failed court injunction on Cliffords partto stop that story.

The ambulance chaser Claims Direct had managed a case when I was injured in a bad fall, and they claimed damages for me in the early naughties. I was awarded 1500 quid for broken ribs and injured knee and cracked wrist. Claims direct sent me a cheque for 4.36p as my share of the 1500 sobs and kept the rest.

And so I sued Claims Direct in small claims........but before my case had come to court, Max Clifford had reputedly invested 25,000,000.00p [ yes, 25 mill] into the ailing company to bolster it up and keep it afloat because of bad press about the company.

I won my case in the small claims, fighting their barrister and the manager who sold me the "no win no fee policy", and both the Law Society newspaper, the tabloid press and solicitors up and down the land contacted me for my story, after the initial tabloid printed my story.

Class actions were set up using my template that I used in court to sue Claims Direct, and  the company went into administration and failed within a couple of months.

Reputedly Clifford lost his 25 mill..................if he'd only offered me a settlement, i'd have kept my gob shut, lol................but at the time it could not have happened to nicer people than him and that company.

Soon after that there was a new ruling made within Government that no win no fee companies and solicitors could  no longer operate a system that Claims direct in the past had done where clients ended up owing more money than they were claiming. I felt I had done something decent in my life for others, as well as myself.....and stuck max with a 25 mill loss , %% %% %%
Post by: Fastfaz on December 10, 2017, 04:24:50 PM
Well done that man!
       Cheers, Pete.
Post by: Footski on December 10, 2017, 05:36:39 PM
I don't like to speak badly about the dead, but that man has always been a sleezball. I celebrated when he was sent to prison.
Post by: ballastanksian on December 10, 2017, 09:01:06 PM
I found it ironic as he was always on the TV 'defending' some celebrity or other that when the time came for his fall from grace, I wondered who would be his PR guru.