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Title: Internals for wheelhouse..
Post by: tizdaz on December 14, 2017, 05:17:17 AM
Hiya guys

At present i'm working on the exterior of the wheelhouse for my TID (see my sig). But i also want to put as much detail inside the wheelhouse as im doing on the outside! ...but my question is, whats the best way of doing this to make access simple?

The wheelhouse is fibreglass. There will obviously be a floor in the wheel house so access from underneath will be a neigh! so the only option is to chop the roof off of the wheel house & make it so the roof is removable, is this the best method or does anyone else have any better ideas?

Thanks :)
Title: Re: Internals for wheelhouse..
Post by: david48 on December 14, 2017, 08:20:14 AM

Cut the floor out ,leave a lip round the edge build your inside as you want it , drill 4 holes in each corner  of floor that is left in the cabin stick bolt through and captivate glue two strips across underside of floor holes in each end locate on bolts put nuts on .
Title: Re: Internals for wheelhouse..
Post by: grendel on December 14, 2017, 08:26:46 AM
I can think of several ways of doing this, removable roof- removable roof with interior walls attached so that the interior comes out when you take off the roof. if you have front clearance then the interior could be made like a drawer, sliding out forwards(backwards or sideways)along with one wall. the floor could be made removable with the interior built onto it so it slides in from below (with a catch to hold it in place). or if you dont require future access it could be built in and painted before the roof is fixed in place.
Title: Re: Internals for wheelhouse..
Post by: Neil on December 15, 2017, 07:33:34 PM

 at 1;12 scale, the wheelhouse will be big enough of an area inside to prefabricate all the parts you want to put in after you have painted the walls n bulkhead............but remember..................

these tugs were very basic when radar, possibly only a short wave radio, one steering wheel, one binnacle, one telegraph if it even had a telegraph and a voice pipe to the engine room.............AND VERY LITTLE  posh hi tech gear stacked up on shelves etc...........possible a grating on the floor and nothing they were coastal/harbour tugs I doubt that they'd even have a chart table and drawers, so wouldn't go overboard in the interior detailing.
Title: Re: Internals for wheelhouse..
Post by: tizdaz on December 16, 2017, 12:35:31 AM
Thanks for info guys, I've decided to take the roof out & make it removable for easy of access :)

Cheers for the heads up Neil, wasn't quite sure exactly what gear was inside one of these workhorses so thanks for info :)