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Title: ESS One sound module
Post by: Hotglove on June 10, 2018, 08:32:32 AM
I have one of these units fitted in my Dumas 1930 Runabout. I wanted to change the factory loaded engine sound but do not have a Windows computer (their software, RC Plus, won’t run on my Mac)
Yesterday a friend was kind enough to let me us his Windows PC to load a new sound.
There was a slight glitch with loading as some options were in Chinese, but, once loaded it was excellent.
I was looking for a big, throaty, vintage V8 sound and was spoilt for choice.
They also do a very few boat sounds but I was impressed with the quality of these that the do offer “Fishing Boat” would also do for a Clyde Puffer (imho) and the 500 and 2000 hp versions might suit a tug.
All sounds are free to download.
Title: Re: ESS One sound module
Post by: unbuiltnautilus on June 10, 2018, 09:05:15 AM
I have one of these units. Very well designed, compact and easy to hook up. Good sound output to boot! The only problem I have come across, when trying to download the boat sounds it came up as 'not supported on this device'. Which leads me to the conclusion that the boat sounds may be designed for one of their other sound units. No clues on their site though, and no email response for a couple of weeks. Pity really, or it would have been in a fishing boat by now..
Also, the addition of a couple of Heavy Plant or Vintage Truck sounds wouldn't go amiss for 1/16 tank stuff. My Half Track just does not sound right with turbo lag!!