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Title: hemel hempstead club
Post by: Klunk on September 12, 2018, 10:32:42 pm
luton bbc are hosting at hemel Hempstead again. please join us at the Water Gardens South from 10am till 12.30. weather dependant.  no ic or fast electrics as its a small area. steam allowed with relevant docs. unfortunately i will not be there due family commitments but ask for Brian or Graham, as they will be organising it for me.
note tgat anyone sailing will need to sign the book, this is so i can fill in the volunteer forms for hemel council.
also note that you will now be able to officially join the Hemel Club. forms will be available on the day.

ps we have other dates coming up from now till Christmas. keep your eyes peeled. I really want this club to become self sufficient with 18 months!