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Title: Building a modern version of the Stuart Isis
Post by: Inkaboat on April 10, 2019, 05:26:45 PM
I am returning to boat building after some 13 years pfaffing around with a Britannia steam locomotive and other similar distractions.
Many years ago I built a copy of Der Seekadett scaled up from an A4 photo - my avatar - and now I want to make a mahogany strip version of the Isis, complete with Stuart Star engine, but with some softer curves to the hull!
A younger me!
( ( test in Hamble River ( by inkaboat (, on Flickr

Here is the culprit, recently acquired as part of a job lot.  I don't know why I called it a 'Sun': probably my age... (

I bought this saw table today, just to help things along a bit. I've lusted after one for years, and I sold a couple of steam plants recently, so no complaints from SWMBO. :-))
Anyone know where I can get a two blade prop, 2.5" x 8"?

( ([1] ( by inkaboat (, on Flickr