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Title: Portholes 1:20 scale 12mm dia
Post by: Billr on July 14, 2019, 05:15:32 pm
I am making a 1:20 WW1 ML167. I am modelling the inside as well as outside so the portholes need the interior flange and hinged cover as well as the usual exterior ring, tube through the hull, and glass.  I plan to use cell phone cover glass fixed with UV acrylic glue.  My problem is how to make 31 identical sets of the interior flange and hinged covers that can actually open and shut.   My preference is to use 0.5mm brass and the tube is 12mm dia.   Fidelity is important to me so I do not want to simplify theparts just to make it easy!
Title: Re: Portholes 1:20 scale 12mm dia
Post by: grendel on July 15, 2019, 07:46:59 am
you may want to consider something like this for the glass - it might save some work.
Title: Re: Portholes 1:20 scale 12mm dia
Post by: Billr on July 15, 2019, 08:48:36 am
Thanks for that Grendel. However that would translate to glass 40mm thick and 240mm diameter, in  full size.  I had used 2mm glass for my 1:7 scale Windermere steamer, Branksome saloon, which is too thick  but was the best I could find at the time.

I am quite excited using the cell phone protector glass which is about 0.5 mm - ie 10mm full size - thick on ML 167.
I have used it to glaze the wheel house.  It is super fiddly as, although it is toughened, it is fragile once the plastic layer is stripped off.
I have had to strip the plastic to break/cut it into required sizes and to be able to glue it.

My test porthole tube of brass was faced off and glued to the irregular piece of glass with cna glue.  Once the glue is set the excess glass is ground away using my bench top grinder to leave the porthole tube with a scale thickness glass pane on the inboard end.
UV acrylic glue is expected to be better than cna as I can apply it more accurately, curing it as I go and there seems to still be a 'surface' on the glass that does not bond as well as you might expect with cna glue.

I love the research as much as the building!
Title: Re: Portholes 1:20 scale 12mm dia
Post by: cdnfurball on February 24, 2020, 12:53:59 am
Port holes,. I purchased some from. " Cropper Smith " in the UK

Pre glazed too!

They have a good selection of different sizes.