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Title: First proper print fail, PEBKAC!
Post by: RST on August 27, 2019, 09:17:43 pm
So if I could 3-D print an "I'm with stupid T-Shirt I would"...

I made a print before but it was full of support and nothing came out well on the outside which is where it counts when you don't have a multi-sander to finish-off  -corners on the bed peeling back, too many striations, surface too rough from support structures.  In truth I didn't think and orientate the print properly from the start which should have cured it all.

So my second, correctly oriented print I noticed whispers of fillament and kept cleaning "guff" off the surface for about 4hrs in.  Until I realised....finally... it was the start of the support for something above!

I'm quite impressed my printer kept replacing and trying to make do and almost made it to be honest.  It seems more intelligent than I was in it's attempts.  Just PEBKAC which mucked it up and I eventually cancelled after about 8hrs into a 20hr print before it was obvious it would fail -DOOH!  Live and learn LoL!  Only about 1 of filament used.  No harm done but reminds me you have to think of other things when 3-D printing.  It's not always intuative!