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Title: Beale park boat sale
Post by: cos918 on February 15, 2020, 08:26:58 AM
Hi AllI have just hear via Facebook that Beale park is selling off the whole model boat collection. There will be several sales over the year untill the collection is gone .
If you have a boat on loan to beale ,you had better get there very very quick or it might be sold ,then its gone. It would seam they have no records.
The details are in the facebook link below
Title: Re: Beale park boat sale
Post by: Martin [Admin] on February 16, 2020, 02:13:16 PM
A debate  has arisen as to the ownership of the models, the legality of this sale, etc, etc.

To keep things simple, if you have a legitimate claim against the estate, please contact Beale Park direct.

    Telephone:      0118 976 7480
    Beale Wildlife Park
    Lower Basildon
    RG8 9NW

  Registered under the Zoo Licensing Act 1981. The Child Beale Trust is a Registered Charity No. 300105
   The Trustees reserve the right to alter or withdraw facilities without prior or further notice
Title: Re: Beale park boat sale
Post by: Martin [Admin] on February 18, 2020, 11:05:18 PM

From Facebook:

Beale Park- UPDATE

On Saturday I posted a message about an open day at Beale Park. As spaces are limited you were asked to contact me first via a PM, where I would then provide you with an email address of the organiser Max Buttimer who would give you more details. The post went viral with 30,000 views and 106 shares. I was inundated with email requests.

Max should now have contacted people on a first come first served basis. All PLACES ARE NOW FILLED.

Whilst Beale Park is open to the public, the storage facility is next to a PRIVATE residential area on the estate with limited parking. If you have not received an invite from Max to attend the open day then please DO NOT just show up expecting to get in.

If you show up without permission you will not only "xxxxx" the residents off, "xxxxx" Max off but more importantly "xxxxx" off the Beale Park trustees who may cancel future events.

For those who are going, congratulations and I urge you to bring cash, if you see a boat you like, ask Max to come over, he will give you a priceÖ haggle then pay there and then, get a receipt and take the boat to your vehicle before looking around again. You can pay by card, but you have to be driven to the main reception area, pay there, then drive all the way back and hope someone hasnít taken your boat.

Hopefully if people donít act like idiots by just showing up without permission, and if the day goes well then there should be more open days throughout the year.

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