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Title: Mountfleet cruiser tug
Post by: 1275mini on November 08, 2020, 04:52:14 pm
 Makeing a start on my cruiser kit I am looking for realistic steam sound been looking around on the web the ones I have seen and heard do not sound very realistic any body point me in the right direction ?
Title: Re: Mountfleet cruiser tug
Post by: davejay on November 08, 2020, 09:06:42 pm
Try Model Radio Workshop. Mike Ridley produces a great steam sound unit (MRW20), programmable to have 1 through to 6 cylinders. No sound clip on website but can guarantee they make a great sound. You even get the steam hiss when stationary and for just over 20 you can't go wrong! 😊
Title: Re: Mountfleet cruiser tug
Post by: dodes on November 13, 2020, 04:26:53 pm
Worked on a twin screw ocean going vessel for three years. Used to go down in the engine room underway and have a chat with the duty engineer. No ear muffs were required, remember the main noise was the low rumbling of the big ends. In the boiler room, the noise were the air fans and the regular beat of the feed pump, but when they blew down the boiler because of feed contamination, wow what a noise sounded a bit like a dragoon roaring. When I stood on the flying bridge underway, all you heard was a constant roar of combustion gas and water gurgling out of the steam whistle. I do not know if that helps, a friend of mine left a tape recorder going all day in the Thames tug challenger, he moaned that from a occasional low hiss of steam, was engine room telegraph movement and the feed pump. Now railway locos, yes they do make wonderful noise as thier exhaust steam is blasted straight up the chimney to atmosphere, unlike marine steam where the steam is captured back into the feed water tank.