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Title: Vosper RTTL Mk2 - Vic Smeed
Post by: Martin [Admin] on September 01, 2021, 11:19:34 am
Via email to Mayhem ....
I am building a Vosper RTTL Mk 2 from the 1958 Vic Smeed plan,  scaled up to 1/16,  51 length.  While trawling the internet for information I found one of your forum pages with a post dated Nov. 17, 2009,  from Howyson,  thanking Bluebird for supplying a photo of the winch (target towing) for 2751.  Would either of these gentlemen be able to provide me with a copy of said photo?

I have tried to obtain a photo from Hendon but due to the Covid restrictions this has not been possible to date.

The only photos I have found have been of models which,  while being works of art in themselves,  do not appear to be quite what they should be.  This applies particularly to the engine which was a Ford Sidevalve of 1172cc.

 Yours sincerely,