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Title: 1:48 MV Raasay
Post by: RST on October 29, 2021, 11:56:07 pm

I was going to reply on another thread but felt a bit guilty of hipocracy putting un-associated things together on one thread...

I am building a 1:48 Clyde puffer and some have said the 3-D printing is a black art;  just to say I DO build from traditional materials also although I tend to pick a prototype I don't necessarily have to follow a plan so hard for it to look reasonable.  In this case, no plans, I just went freelance measuring from photos.
....Calmac lettering I cut from vinyl myself on my Sillhouette -probably the most nerve wracking part of the whole build was applying them neatly!  The yellow lion on the funnel was extremely tricky.  I've sealed all the hull afterwards with polyurethane varnish after as I hope they never ever try to peel off!!!

I am stuck at the moment finding some 1:48 / 1:50 vehicles.  I have two which are die-cast but they're a bit heavy.  I printed one myself which was not much better and was too modern anyway.  Preferably trying to find something that looks roughly right I don't have to modify too much.

There is / was a GRP hull available for this but I think managed a better job in terms of proportions.  Mine is about 600mm long which I could get from a single obeche sheet at the time, very stable but a little bit tight on available weight inside vs displacement.


Title: Re: 1:48 MV Raasay
Post by: River Model Guy on November 01, 2021, 09:24:49 pm
wow, indeedy a real lovely job you have done there dear fellow.

Strangely enough i used to travel on her as a school kid, spewing my ring up, early monday mornings to Kyle of Lochalsh, and return on Saturdays.... from Plockton Boarding school...

She would roll like heck, stinking of Diesel fuel, us kids loathed it, always preying the sea was too rough to get out to us from the little jetty where we stood on gale swept mornings.

Bring back many memories your lovely model,

Huge thanks
Title: Re: 1:48 MV Raasay
Post by: chum444 on November 02, 2021, 11:54:15 pm
Some nice Rich.

Title: Re: 1:48 MV Raasay
Post by: RST on November 05, 2021, 10:00:34 pm
Thanks both of you,

Thanks for the memories Paul.  I never did travel on this though have been on a good few others.  Can you tell me:  Every photo is of the vehicles the same way (pointing out) -I assume but never could find out for sure everyone backed on to these and drove out forwards after?

...I'll post up a few more photos when it's done.  It should have seats up both sides of the car deck but I left them out in favour of some more easier details to throw in.

Title: Re: 1:48 MV Raasay
Post by: Taranis on November 05, 2021, 10:09:15 pm
Really nice to see your work Rich  :-)  That's quality  :kiss:  you should give us more  O0
Title: Re: 1:48 MV Raasay
Post by: RST on November 05, 2021, 10:33:14 pm
I used to have an image hosting site but no more -I'm selective on most pics ever since as I have not found an amicable replacement yet.  I gave up on detailed build blogs years ago for various reasons but I admire others doing it.
Thanks for the compliments though.
Title: Re: 1:48 MV Raasay
Post by: Taranis on November 05, 2021, 10:36:47 pm
I have unlimited capacity on my site and I'd gladly create a gallery for you personally if you want to email pics I will place them for you to a gallery that only you have a link to.

Done and PM sent.