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Title: plastikote spray cans
Post by: pete_486 on October 29, 2007, 06:59:15 PM
hi ive just sprayed a big gas boat with plasti-kote spray cans, ive i painted the sides and the deck first and then the bottom but ive got overspray on the sides now and ruined the gloss finnish, so do i have to spray another coat on to the sides and deck or will i be able to go over it with the plasti-kote clear gloss i :embarrassed.
when i used to spray with cellulose you could t-cut the whole thing up to a nice mirror finnish, but this plasti-kote seems far to soft.
any ideas anyone?

Title: Re: plastikote spray cans
Post by: Stavros on October 29, 2007, 07:09:50 PM
Well what we going to do with you then!!!!!!What I personally would do is wait at least 48hrs and rub the whole boat down with 600 or 800 wet dry and start again.You will NEVER unfortunately polish up Plasticoat as it is an Enamel.What I personally would do is hang the hull up and paint the whole hull in on ego ,that is presuming it is one colour.If this is the case any overspray from the sides that will go on the deck will automatically be draw into the deck and will not be seen,the same of course will happen between the hull sides and it's bottom.If this hull is in 2 colours well all I can suggest is that you take greater care in masking it up.Any probs just ask and I will try to help

Title: Re: plastikote spray cans
Post by: red181 on October 30, 2007, 05:05:04 PM
I have  recently achieved  a glass like mirror finish on my Huntsman, using plasticote paints. The process was supervised via pm's with Shane off this forum, I am no expert, but wanted a superb finish. This was the process. Its a wood hull, sanded with 600, wet and dry, then 800, then 1000, it took ages!!

Sprayed halfords filler primer, it was rubbish, didnt fill the remaining imperfectrions at all. I have read on this forum, later versions of filler primer are not as good, also, it had some sort of reaction with the plasticote and started to crack.Sanded it all off, started again, now used a different grey primer. 5 coats, 800 wet and dry inbetween each coat. May seem over the top, and a lot of wasted paint, but if your boat is built for speed, you need a good finish. Final coat rubbed down with 800, then 1000 soaked in fairy liquid.

 Now the first of 5 coats of plasticote, each one rubbed down as above,there is no quick way of doing this! When I was happy with finish, polished with a bodyshop cutting paste, the sort that is used with a buffer. The trick here is to do it fast, as the polish is designed to work when hot, so I had to work up the temperature, being careful not to polish through the paint. The  final process was then polish several times using cream car polish. It was then left for a couple of weeks in the warm to harden, as I dont have a pintshop oven!
Dont use clear plasticote laquer, I tried it, and it drys like hammerite, and you cant flat it off as above and polish it up .

With regard to you overspray, use 1000 or 1200  wet and dry, soaked in soapy water, and use a block, not by hand, the overspray should  come off, if it doesnt, then you are no worse off as you will need to paint it again, at least its worth a try!

Title: Re: plastikote spray cans
Post by: pete_486 on October 30, 2007, 10:42:36 PM
thankyou for the info you guys, the overspray is not the problem any more, its the fact that petrol melts the plasti-kote  :'( :-\ :-X
i should have let my mate spray it in the paint he sprays his cars in.
thanks anyway.