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Title: Acryllc Varnish
Post by: RHL on January 30, 2008, 05:32:09 PM
Hi All

Got a problem with varnishing. I have four RC boats. I tried Plasticote polyurethane satin varnish over Halford Red Primer and Matt black. Problem was that if the boat got a hit the varnish became detached from the underlying paint and looked opac even though the varnish layer was still intact. I stripped off the varnish (not difficult!) from my Model Slipway Conserver and sprayed with a can of acrylic satin varnish by Vallejo. It looked great. Encouraged by this result I also sprayed the hull of my Model Slipway Tsekoa II which at that time was not yet finished.

Now the sad bit. After a few hours sailing I found the Conserver's hull developed powdery white patches on the areas in contact with water. I have since stripped down the hull and it is resprayed with the Halford paint but is as yet unvarnished.

My problem is what to do with my Teskoa II boat. It still looks great but I have as yet not put it in water apart from a short spell in the bath for final ballast tests. I am tempted to spray over the Vallejo acrylic varnish with Tamiya acrylic varnish X-22 tomed down with some Tamiya X-21 base. I have tried this on a test piece and it looks OK but I do not know if this is the answer. Has anybody else tried the Vallejo acrylic varnish?

Robin Lee

Title: Re: Acryllc Varnish
Post by: DickyD on January 30, 2008, 05:54:19 PM
Try it on something  else first, but in the same way you have painted the boat, and immerse in water before you do the boat, and see what happens.

You would have been better off using  Plastikote paint and Plastikote varnish, Dont mix your paint makes and types to be safe.  O0