Model Boat Mayhem

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 on: Today at 03:36:18 pm 
Started by zooma - Last Post by zooma
The last picture shows the Aerokits Swordsman that I am finishing from an original part-built kit, with my own Swordsman in the background that has some white under-coat on it ready for final "snagging" and ready for top coating at a later stage.

The kit model shows the nice small triangular strakes that came in the kit and all five have been fitted on each side, whereas my model only has three of my slightly bigger home made strakes fitted so the two can be compared.

Also visible is the extra home made strakes that I fitted on top of the lower spray rails of the kit built model as they had been sanded flat to the bottom skins by the previous owner/builder, and I wanted to try to re-establish a better profile - even though it is now a heavier that "true scale" would be.

The brass tacks held the triangular section wood in place while the PVA adhesive was drying, but they have since been removed and the tack-holes filled.

When both hulls have their undersides under-coated I can turn them over, put them back on their stands and return to building the super structures again. Painting in this cold weather out in my workshop (shed) is not much fun and I am looking forward to cutting some fresh wood again!

 on: Today at 03:25:25 pm 
Started by tassie48 - Last Post by C-3PO
Mr Bonds great solution.....

 on: Today at 02:55:38 pm 
Started by Andy M - Last Post by Andy M
Here is a video of Skybike in action. Due to a lack of volunteers for video duties, I had to fly it with one hand while holding my phone with the other hand, apologies for shaky footage.

 on: Today at 02:40:49 pm 
Started by SteveH - Last Post by tonyH
Would be lateen at that age but would be up to interpretation which is the easiest direction to modify from, the hull or the rest.

 on: Today at 02:38:49 pm 
Started by zooma - Last Post by tonyH
Rail Pics...

 on: Today at 01:30:27 pm 
Started by jaymac - Last Post by KitS
Aren't mishaps all 'devastating' these days?

 on: Today at 01:23:16 pm 
Started by Backerther - Last Post by number-1
That looks a lot of fun!  :-))

 on: Today at 01:22:32 pm 
Started by radiojoe - Last Post by radiojoe
Thanks Ian  (the cheque's in the post) {-)

Thanks for the suggestion Jim that could work, where I've finally placed the bike the wheels don't show up that much.

Finished the anchor and placed on board, I thought the bike looked best tucked in by the oil drums,, and made a leccy/fusey type box on the aft of the boiler room, a bit of nonsense but  it adds a bit of interest.


 on: Today at 01:21:13 pm 
Started by Andy M - Last Post by Andy M
I still havent flown this little plane yet, I am a bit scared to try it to be perfectly honest. This is the smallest plane I have built for rc and I know it will be fast and very susceptible to torque roll, I have built ones just a bit bigger, and they are a handful to fly for this same reason. My baggy jet is fast and twitchy, best flown over long grass instead of frozen hard ground. The T38 needs long grass for its first test.
I did think of putting a gyro stabilised F949s board in it but the T38 is set up for tailerons and the gyro board doesnt support these. I just need to bite the bullet and have a try as it is.
Its not a big investment of time or money, but I dont like seeing my planes crashing. Lol.

 on: Today at 01:05:28 pm 
Started by SteveH - Last Post by SteveH
  Has anyone come across this pretty ancient kit? I got it as part of a job lot of "attic finds" on EBay, and I would guess it is 40-50 years old. Very little paperwork with it, but the box gives Ark Models as being a London address and has photos of a range of  kits.
 The kit is fairly crude, with a pre-carved solid wood hull. It is supposed to be a generic model of a 17th/18th century privateer, ship rigged, carrying 20 guns, and the finished model should be about 450 mm long overall and 350mm high, but from the hull form I'm guessing it is supposed to be around 1650 or earlier.
   There were a couple of pieces missing, but I started to put it together as an ornament more than anything else, and as light relief from my ongoing Billings "Danmark" build. Should have left it at that, but now I have got into questioning the authenticity of various details and trying to correct them.
   The mizzen spanker looks way too small to me, and I think on a hull like that it should have a lateen mizzen. Anyone got any views? Also, because the bowsprit is heavily raked upward I think it would look better with a square spritsail under it
   The ship's wheel supplied just looks silly. Currently I am undecided whether to try to make a more authentic wheel arrangement or to go for a whipstaff, which I think could be appropriate. Again, any views?
  Would be very interested to hear from anyone that has built this kit or seen one made-up.

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