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 on: Today at 02:55:51 PM 
Started by JimS59 - Last Post by jaymac
 :-))  my pleasure Jim

 on: Today at 02:19:27 PM 
Started by chum444 - Last Post by Taranis
To be honest they’ve tried to copy a Swan and produced a pig  {-)  and access to the motor is worse

 on: Today at 02:14:15 PM 
Started by chum444 - Last Post by chum444
I sent an email to dumas about the prototype’s yacht-like appearance. Will be interesting to see if and how they reply.

 on: Today at 02:12:14 PM 
Started by roycv - Last Post by dreadnought72
Ex-TV camera operator here, and well-versed in colour theory. Interesting facts:

There is no colour yellow. (We don't have yellow receptors in the eye, just red, green and blue ones. Our perception of yellowness is from the combined triggering of the red and green receptors.)

Colour is cultural and therefore subject to change: the ancient Greeks talked of the wine-dark sea - a weird idea to us. The english concept of orange as a colour didn't occur before the 16th century. There is an Australian tribe (the Warlpiri) and an Amazonian tribe (the Candoshi) who, along with others, have no colour words.

Some colourblind people have the ability to spot camouflaged objects that the non-colourblind can't distinguish.


Roy, you mention a few age-related problems with blue & greens. Claude Monet's garden paintings changed in colour tone as his cataracts became worse. How are your eyes?


 on: Today at 01:59:17 PM 
Started by Popeye - Last Post by Popeye
Can anyone recommend a supplier of modelling timbers of the same superb quality as that  offered by Dennis Nixon (Attleborough) until he ceased trading?

Thanks in anticipation of a positive feedback.

 on: Today at 01:58:36 PM 
Started by Richard Houston - Last Post by DaveM
Turnigy website shows the maximum current as 53A so I'd suggest at least a 60A speed controller. Some will only work up to 3S (11.1v) so do check the specifications in that respect.

 on: Today at 01:21:47 PM 
Started by JimS59 - Last Post by JimS59
You might try Russell Potts of the Vintage model yacht group (VMYG).  He is an expert but would need length breadth height  and weight.  Do you have a mast or remnants of sails?
It is unlikely to be a J class as that was the current class for the Americas cup races and full size 160 odd feet loa. It does not fit the underwater profile of the full size yachts either.
 Length will help a lot but in the 1930's there were other obscure classes of yacht. 

But if it is 50 inches long it may well be a Marblehead and your photo looks a bit too long for a 36 inch class could possibly be the French 1 metre (40 inches) class.  !0R (Ten raters) were a little more substantial but could vary a lot.  6M(etre) class was designed to sail in shallow water and be more scale like but they are a bit chubbier than your boat.
Russell will know, he is the current man to go to for this sort of thing.  He enjoys doing it!

What are you going to do with it?

regards Roy

Thank you for your response Roy, she is 48" long 10" wide and 9.5" from keel to deck. I will try your suggestion of contacting Russell. Unfortunately the mast and sails have been lost.
I intend to try and restore her, I think i will have to remake the deck as the original is warpped and cracked. Also some of the planking has opened up. As this is my first go at this I may need some experianced advice.
Thank you Jaymac for the photo correction.

 on: Today at 01:10:59 PM 
Started by ericjansen - Last Post by ericjansen
Today I spent time to draw the side view of the Hispania / Tuiga.
There is a very detailed plan of a 1:15 model on the internet, and that helped a lot.

Of course things turned out to be more off than initially thought, so I will have to:
- slightly deepen the keel,
- bring the leading edge of the keel more forward,
- build a new rudder in the correct shape,
- open up the nose, slightly lengthen it, then increase the deck height there,
- remove the last couple of frames, then lower, lengthen and reshape the whole transom.
- add more sheer, specially in the front,
- add deck camber.

Almost like building a new hull would be faster .

 on: Today at 01:06:30 PM 
Started by ericjansen - Last Post by ericjansen
I had no idea how this model was built. although, considering the rips in the hull, it looked like planked.
These are low wage, hand made items, and opening up without having it breaking apart in a million pieces is a challenge.

Yesterday I took the plunge, first removed the deck planking (lots of heat and a large flat painters knife), it came off in one piece nicely.
I don't think I will use it, but will keep it for the time being.

After that, the underlying triplex deck only came out in bits and pieces, but luckily did not damage much.

Also removed the most upper side planking on both sides.
I will have to add more sheer into the hull, as well as camber into the deck, and this will allow me some access for additional stiffening of the hull.

Finally I brought Mr. and Mrs. Sopwith over for their new project .
They will be needed later on for some 1:25 photo-scaling.

 on: Today at 12:59:30 PM 
Started by ericjansen - Last Post by ericjansen
With the hull now one solid piece, it was back to the roof for a final fairing session, then some layers of white paint for the hull and deck surrounds.

Adding correct water lines is always a lot of fiddling, but with a large flat table and a lot of measuring they came out correctly.

Then, after 30 years, it was time for her final layers of paint, quite satisfying.
The blue for the hull is pretty close to the real thing (showing light in sunshine, rather dark if not), the anti fouling red was just a guess (and the only spray bottle color which came close).

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