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 on: Yesterday at 01:14:28 PM 
Started by warspite - Last Post by warspite
The battery pack weighs 89 g, so once I remove the excess servo holder, I will need to create the keel for attaching the ballast to, I also need to fit the main deck and masts to work out the ballast for this and see where she sits in the water.

 on: Yesterday at 12:58:18 PM 
Started by T33cno - Last Post by warspite
Due to stress at work (we have 5 days in and 3 days of where each 5 day stint can range from 45 to 51 hours, but each 'week' is just over or under 40 hours) went to LidL, spent on food and pigged out, mainly 2 apple turnovers and now they sell pretzels, so 2 of them as well, and several tins of 'sweet st' travel sweets (ooohhh they are addictive)  >>:-( <*< :embarrassed:

 on: Yesterday at 12:53:19 PM 
Started by Welsh_Druid - Last Post by Welsh_Druid
A unique scratch built model of the Stena Line HSS.  Built mainly of thin ply with the hulls clad in GRP.  42 " overall length.

Powered by two Graupner Speed 700 motors driving Graupner water jet drives.

Very little used but getting a little tatty through being stored in the garage and could do with a some TLC.

Probably worth the price for the motors and jet drives alone


Near Pwllheli  North Wales

 on: Yesterday at 12:52:15 PM 
Started by Welsh_Druid - Last Post by SailorGreg
If only North Wales was a little closer to Hampshire.  {:-{   Looks like a huge bargain for somebody.

 on: Yesterday at 12:47:11 PM 
Started by SailorGreg - Last Post by SailorGreg
Came across this today while looking for something else.  That looks a very impressive feat, and they have obviously learnt some lessons along the way.  Anyone here tried something similar (on a slightly smaller scale of course)?


 on: Yesterday at 12:44:12 PM 
Started by johnv - Last Post by johnv
Hi it's John V thanks for reply .not a clue what they are to buy .just got three sitting there .but I know that they are good motors cheers for info

 on: Yesterday at 12:44:09 PM 
Started by Welsh_Druid - Last Post by Welsh_Druid
A Scratch built model of an American long keel ketch rigged motor sailor.

GRP hull, wood superstructure and decks. Its a motor sailor so has a motor fitted. Goes well under sail or motor ( or both together).

48 " overall ( including bowsprit)


Near Pwllheli North Wales.

 on: Yesterday at 12:42:01 PM 
Started by rhavrane - Last Post by Bernhard
hi I have used this fore years works perfect

 on: Yesterday at 12:22:11 PM 
Started by Welsh_Druid - Last Post by Welsh_Druid
The Pwllheli Lifeboat. Grp hull and superstructure. Good condition but had a lot of use . One motor could do with replacing as its power is down compared to the other. 38 inches long  ( Built from Metcalfe ? mouldings - memory failing !)


Near Pwllheli North Wales

 on: Yesterday at 12:15:54 PM 
Started by johnv - Last Post by roycv
Yes some of us do they are great for small boats, I have a few left for more models.  They seem to last forever.  Expensive but very good.  There is a tiny 10 amp esc from Bang good at about 4.50 that suits them very well, no pause needed for reverse.


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