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 on: Yesterday at 06:31:42 PM 
Started by kpnuts - Last Post by kpnuts
Well the truck is nearly done, just a few odds and ends to add and the alien and trucker and his wife to do.

 on: Yesterday at 06:26:47 PM 
Started by canalpilot - Last Post by Butts
We also have just got back from two excellent days at the new show. 

What's not to like, an amazing world war one airfield, great pond for sailing and an easily accessed exhibition hall.

Well done to Steve and all at Ellesmere Port Club.  Looking forward to future events. I reckon though if it went to an earlier date it could be a little difficult in such a large unheated space.  It's easy to see why the later date was chosen, but I agree it's difficult fitting a date in to suit all.

 on: Yesterday at 06:13:34 PM 
Started by canalpilot - Last Post by andyram
Pleased for everyone connected to this show.You have done our hobby proud looking at the pictures and reading the report. I do hope this is just the start. I would like it to be a little earlier in the year.Just a bit to close likewise to Donny show. Well done all.

 on: Yesterday at 05:50:04 PM 
Started by canalpilot - Last Post by Skimmer Fan

Just had two enjoyable days at Hooton Park.
I think the Ellesmere Port Boat Club guys did a very good job for a first show at a new venue with all the problems that come with organizing it.
What other show gives free rides on vintage busses.
They also had an air raid experience to partake in.
A sea cadet band playing at intervals.
Lovely cakes on the scouts stand.
Good selection on the bring and buy.
Oh nearly forgot a nice display of boats by the clubs who attended.
Enough traders for me to get all the bits I needed.
As malcolmfrery has said there is space to expand the show.
Ellesmere Port Boat Club used all the space to the best advantage with no empty tables.
The pond was well used with boats on all day on both days.

 on: Yesterday at 05:40:40 PM 
Started by justboatonic - Last Post by John W E

hi there,
I don't think the Royal Navy have a size for the boot topping - as - whilst working in Rosyth Naval Yard, on a very bleak and cold/freezing November day, sleet was going horizontal across the dockyard - low and behold Navy divers were in the water. There were pots of paint slung over the side and they were painting black over the rust around the water line of the boot topping.

The other thing I recall on that particular day (apart from the cold) was a German Navy vessel and half the crew were stood on the deck in white short sleeved shirts, saluting as they came in - poor blighters.   

I hope you are going to put the Newcastle Brown Ale flag on HMS Newcastle - she was the only ship in the Royal Navy allowed to fly it and also a Lynx helicopter was signed by Kevin Keegan - so try and get him to sign your Lynx helicopter.


 on: Yesterday at 04:49:06 PM 
Started by coch y bonddu - Last Post by Allnightin
I've often wondered about the mentality of folk who smash bus shelters and telephone boxes; who spray obscene and brainless graffiti onto new paintwork or who deliberately set fire to buildings, cars and grassland.

How about those that attack paramedics and fire crews etc dealing with an emergency?

 on: Yesterday at 04:47:32 PM 
Started by jeff351 - Last Post by mark w
Lookin' good.


 on: Yesterday at 03:48:57 PM 
Started by coch y bonddu - Last Post by redpmg
The train hobbyists must be devastated - its akin to an attack on ones person . They must be totally overwhelmed - one can imagine if it were your models the feelings it would cause.

One of those who must share a lot of the blame was the so called child care "Guru" Dr Spock (no not Star Trek ). He admitted on his deathbed that he had been wrong in his advice on handling children and now believed in the adage "spare the rod and spoil the child". The loonies choose to ignore that and generally try to deny he recanted his original beliefs.

I for one as a colonial was totally taken aback at children's attitudes when living in the UK  - even my then wife was shocked and she had grown up in England. On the other hand we found children , even of the so called "difficult teenage years" in France to be generally well behaved and respectful of their elders. A French friend said to me that they did not believe in sparing the rod, which I totally agree with. I only punished my own children twice, and even heading to middle age they remember it well.

 on: Yesterday at 02:53:06 PM 
Started by JimG - Last Post by JimG
A few photos showing the view from deck. The last is on Stroma nearest to the mainland of Scotland.

 on: Yesterday at 02:46:30 PM 
Started by JimG - Last Post by JimG
There is an older ferry laid up at St Margarets Hope, bought as a backup to the Pentalino and for freight traffic but not inservice. This is the MV Orcadia ex MV Saturn which used to sail under CalMac. This is a twin Voith Schneider drive and is a development of the MV Jupiter and Juno.

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