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Tug-Kenny RIP:

Here's a subject not covered much. 

Has anyone built a trolley to convey their craft to the lake.  ;D

I have just spent two days building mine to transport my Boston Typhoon. This came about because I weighed her after the testing tank setting up to the waterline and balancing the sideways tilt fully loaded.

The total weight is now 3 stones, (or 42 pounds) and I nearly fell into the pond by lifting her out.  The pond is a recent acquisition from Wilkinsons and is featured in the 'Bargains' section.

The trolley comprises a set of Golf trolley wheels and handle, fitted onto a wooden board. Atop this is a standard boat cradle, glued and screwed down. It has it's first coat of paint and when finished, will be padded out to accommodate the boat. I have prevented tipping sideways by struts above the wheels. I don't want it to fall over on the corners.  ;)  I know it looks a long beast but the boat is 5 foot long anyhow. The handle folds back and the wheels tuck under the carriage, so it fits into the car with the boat.

Let's see your inventions.  :)



Roger in France:
Very smart, Ken. It looks very manoeuvrable.

This topic was covered some time ago on the Forum but deserves airing as new ideas are always welcome.

As well as transporting to the waters edge, for large craft a solution is needed to helping with taking the weight when launching and recovering.

Come on Mayhemmers, let's have your latest brain waves.

Roger in France.

Yes Mayhemmers

Lets have some ideas for dealing with drop keeled boats as well.

Transportation, and launch and recovery

After the Warwick Boat Show I visited the nearby Knightcote Model Boat Club and was very impressed with their launching facility.
I hope they don't mind me posting these photos.

Don B.

Just mine for the Tito Neri


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