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Author Topic: Mayhem post modification policy....  (Read 3454 times)

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Re: Mayhem post modification policy....
« Reply #25 on: May 26, 2008, 01:50:26 pm »

Hi all,

Well as there in no ground swell up rising against the rule so we'll keep it.
....It's better we all think first and type later.

Footski does make a good point about me correcting my own mistakes but I
reiterate, I'm always happy to edit any post if you send me a PM ( or use
the "Report to moderator link" if you need something changing in a rush )
at the bottom of every post. I always try to make this obvious and edit / remove
subsequent post to reflect the edit.

You will also notice that every modified post has an automatic time stamp of the edit,
this is mandatory and can't be 'adjusted' or removed.

Thanks for contributing everyone,


PS: When requesting a post edit, please send me the whole text of the post,
including the change AND a link to the post!!
PPS: I'm working on the dark preview background colour now.

"This is my firm opinion, but what do I know?!"    -   Mayhem FaceBook Group!
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