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Author Topic: Huntsman 31' 46"  (Read 2653 times)


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Huntsman 31' 46"
« on: June 06, 2008, 03:21:01 PM »

Hi Alistair, Have you got any video of running with the lead acid? I cannot make mine perform without nimh's, curremtly flipping betweem 2 x 8.4v 3300 and 2 x 9.6v 4600, planing for about 25 mins. I tried a 12v lead acid, but after 5 mins it was tug boat speed, but would have lasted ages. By X55 prop, does that mean 55mm?

Re window frames, I did a template of paper, then transposed that to plasticcard, stuck the perspex on the frame as window, then stuck it to the boat. I then used small aluminium rivets (very difficult to get!) but dressmakers pins are similar, again glued in through pilot holes. Very time consuming, but look ok, if anything they are a littler big. I painted it in humbrol steel, and buffed it up a bit with a cloth.
Cannot work out how to do the air scoop thing, any ideas here (sorry to piggyback the thread) perhaps alaistair you could start a new thread?

No video yet.. but about 5 mins of plane and 20+ mins of tug sounds about what I was getting with the lead acid.. I was hoping it might be because it was an elderly battery.. I won't get chance to get a video for a few weeks..

The prop has X55 moulded into it, and I would guess it's about 55mm diameter.. I'll measure later.. the boats still in the car, I was delayed at a clients otherwise I would have been out in the rain running the boat this afternoon.

Fortunately the scoops were already attached (plastic, but the photos I've seen show polished steel/aluminium on the original).  I asked about the window frames because those fitted seem a bit flimsy.. I'm over Gorleston way next week, so I'll try and get over to AMC and see if they have a set of plans.  I'd love to have proper aluminium window frames and cockpit surround.  I debating semi-scaling the whole thing and not replacing the pulpit or roof-top grab rails.. they're just too flimsy and detract from the lines to my eyes.  At the moment I'm still ripping detail from the model to get it back to a clean shell.

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