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Author Topic: Build yourself a rock band  (Read 3363 times)


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Re: Build yourself a rock band
« Reply #25 on: July 07, 2008, 09:10:22 pm »

Hmm... from what I gather, I think Tiger is after general animation - not necessarily animated musicians. I should imagine that getting a scale figure to dodge a beer bottle would be no mean feat. Though, you could be on the something regarding making them jiggle with the music. That wouldn't be too hard to do. Leastways, electronic-wise.
Tiger is the one taking care of the hard part. All I'm doing is itching to see what he comes up with.

Tiger, my conscience got the better of me. I stuck that extra diode there now.
All it means is nothing bad will happen should you get the battery polarity wrong. In fact nothing at will happen... which is a good sign that you either got 1: reversed battery polarity, or 2: the trimmer might be set fully zero, and/or 3: both.
And if you're wondering why I stuck a 2-way screw terminal there instead of just soldering the red and black wires directly to the board, it's because those wires you see in the photo are only good for a couple amps. If you're gonna be playing with juicier motors means you're gonna need an easy way to swap out the skinny wires for fatter ones.

By the way, for this trick you will need........

1 x electrolytic capacitor (anything between 2uF and 100uF - preferably rated @ 3 to 6 volts).
1 x Red alligator lead.
1 x Black alligator lead.
1 x 12-volt battery (gel-cel = perfect. 2 x gel-cell even better).
1 x stupid mate.

Take one end of the BLACK 'gator lead and stick it on the POSITIVE leg of the capacitor. Stick the other end of the Black 'gator lead to battery NEGATIVE. Now stick one end of the RED 'gator lead to the NEGATIVE leg of the cap', then get your mate to stick the other end on the battery POSITIVE. Give yourself time to stick your fingers in your ears before giving him the nod.

Maybe you could adapt it for one of your anim's.

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