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Martin [Admin]:

Holmsey's Arliegh Burke class destroyer Winston S Churchill  build

As I and the moderating team continually strive to look for suitable build threads to include in the Masterclass board we look at a whole range of different models made in a variety of ways.  What we are looking for is the highest standards of exellence in modelling skills combined with a well put together and informative build thread, which can then be a source of inspiration to the rest of the membership.

Most masterclasses will tend to be scratchbuilds which demonstrate the full range of modelling skills but kit based models can also be included when they meet the criteria of excellence. We already of course have a kit built model under construction on the board. The following example which caught our eye also meets the criteria as it is not only a superb example of how a kit can be put together to achieve a beautiful model but it also provides a wealth of information to inspire other members to strive for.

This should be viewed as what can be achieved and an excellent example of the skills required to produce a model from a kit and an alternative means to an end when compared with scratch built examples already on the Masterclass board.

Our warmest congratulations go to Holmsey and our thanks for sharing his build with us.


Martin / Moderators - Model Boat Mayhem.

hi, are you going to use a sealed lead acid battery,or is it just for ballast?

gary r uk:
Hi Holmsey
Looking good keep it up
whats that between the motors facing aft
Don't forget that sailing is at Hayes Marina tomorrow off the Hayes bypass
gary rowe

please keep us informed of your progress.

i take it the question was about the 'block' between the motors, never though of mounting the motors through 90 and bolting them horizontally, removes the need for tapering the base.


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