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I have started construction of the Arliegh Burke class destroyer Winston S Churchill. This is quite different from my previous model the Type 42 Gloucester:

1/ Much more modern and clean
2/ The plans are less detailed so much more work needs to be done on planning
3/ The fittings kits are tailored to the model and contain some usefull parts that remove the need for scratchbuilding

The semi kit was bought from PSShips, I believe that I was Paul's first customer for a Sirmar model. I didn't get any champaign but a lot of help and support. The Sirmar fittings are as you would expect, very high quality but Paul's fittings make the model. These include a complete mast kit, bilge keels and replacement parts that are more in line with the Flight IIa version.

Here are some photos so far.

The darker blue packs are PSShip fittings.

I will put a more comprehensive account on the Mayhem site soon


I will probably wire up the battery at some stage, it tends to improve performance. This was the first time on the water to give me an idea of where to put the batteries. The black things behind the motors are spring clips holding the servo mount while the fixing glue sets!!!!!.


Heres the latest update on the build. I built up the hanger sides as the early PS hulls are slightlly out. The bilge keels come as a casting and they saved loads of time. Took me about a week on Gloucester. A bit of P38 to fill and strengthen and they will be great. The next stage is the false hanger. It's temporary at the moment. Lots of racks, vents, pipes and doors to go in yet. Th electrics actually work and it would sail if I put some props on.

Spent loads at Ellesmere Port on Saturday.

Great show, many thanks.


Latest News
Hanger structure is complete, the hatch on the flight deck is sealed with silicone and screwed down. The hanger interior is constucted and fitted. The On/Off and charge sockets fitted and then the 02 deck fitted. As Paul says the hull is not wrong but needs careful allignment with the decks and structures. At each stage it is important to measure and check the look by eye.


First sail
Yesterday the model sailed in the Basingstoke Canal!!!!

Wow does it shift!!!!
She is very stable and maneuvers well. The batteries are fitted and basic balancing done. She does not roll much but there is no top weight yet. This model is going to look very good on the water.

Slight leak but I Did not lube the rudder shafts.



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