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Author Topic: ATLAS 5-Ton Hydraulic Crane  (Read 16752 times)


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Re: ATLAS 5-Ton Hydraulic Crane
« Reply #25 on: March 19, 2011, 09:54:45 AM »


Hello I see your message only this day, excuse to me delay to answer. I am French and I practise model making for a long time. I am an administrator of the French forum which wants to be as marvellous as Model Boat Mayhem. That is difficult because this forum is the reference for all. I manufacture the structure of the crane but my friend Jean-Claude B. made the hydraulic part and my friend Patrick VdM manufactures the electronic part. You can see all that on our forum. You can use an English/French translator. I am at your disposal for your information because our goal is to put model making at the range of each one. The hydraulic part already exists in the trade on scale 1/14, we are on scale 1/50 and the design and manufacture are personal Jean-Claude B the jacks measure 10 millimetres in diameter but Jean Claude made 8 millimetre diameter for another friend who made the tug boat Abeille Bourbon You can join to me by lintermédiaire of Model boat Mayhem or my forum cordially
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