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Mayhem World Model Boat Map! (Club, Event & Modellers)

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Martin [Admin]:
Hi all,

Just had a thought, can we create a map of all things Model Boating?
Clubs, Lakes, Events, Manufactures, Museums, Modellers...... anything really!

I've had a quick look on Google maps -

Would anyone like to volunteer to look into it a bit further ( and manage the input and map uploads?! )

Roger in France:
When I asked a few weeks ago for Members to signal their location a few joined in.

Personally, I would find it fascinating to see how far Mayhem has spread. The possibilities are endless as Martin proposes....come on folk, a volunteer is wanted.

Roger in France.

The long Build:
This sounds like a great Idea ,  I have used google maps to plan holidays and spy on locate family dwellings where I used to live.
If no one else wants it  I will give it a go.


Try this one then:


Tried that and found it very interesting, but how do we add to it??


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