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Author Topic: Cygnus Cyclone with Brushless Motor  (Read 1860 times)


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Cygnus Cyclone with Brushless Motor
« on: April 08, 2010, 12:26:30 pm »

...Hi Guys...

I have acquired a Cygnus Cyclone 26 Fast Fisherman which has a Graupner Water-Jet unit fitted...
It has been supplied wuith a Robbe Brushless Motor...
The Motor is a Roxxy Outrunner 4250-07...    12 - 18 volts...   No 4781...

The question is...
What type of Speed Controller and Batteries would i need for this set up....

I would like to weigh up the options before deciding to fit it with conventional Prop & Rudder...

...Best Regards...Norry...
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Martin [Admin]

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Re: Cygnus Cyclone with Brushless Motor
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2010, 02:11:07 pm »

As far as I understand it Norry, all brushless speed controller will work with all brushless motors with 3 caveats:

1. It needs to be the right Amperage (same as a "normal" motor does),
2. As it's for a boat, a reversing would be useful, (not "with reverse" as that sometimes means the wire can be reserved!)
3. Some brushless motors have speed sensors for precise control (if your motor only has 3 wires, it hasn't got sensors.).

Lots of brushless speed controllers around, Castle comes to mind as well as Mtronics:

The figures for the Roxxy 4250/07 are a bit screwy but it looks like you'll need a controller that handles up to 60Amps  :o
 but a lower amperage controller (eg.30-40A should suffice with a fuse or circuit breaker).

Roxxy Bl Outrunner 4250/07:
No-load speed: 720 Umin/
V Voltage: 10-20 Volts
No. of li cells: 3-5
No-load current: 1.80 A
No-load current: 7.40 V
Currant under load 57.00 A
Máx V: 18.50 V
Case diameter: 42.00 mm
Length: 50 mm
haft diameter: 5 mm
Max. thrust max.: 3200 g Total weight incl. cables / adapter: 195 g
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