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Author Topic: Public safety and civil libertarians  (Read 3648 times)


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Re: Public safety and civil libertarians
« Reply #25 on: October 16, 2008, 05:55:17 pm »

Regarding security companies, cameras, coppers and competence - about eight years ago a guy and his girlfriend who worked in the same office as me, both of fairly distinctive appearance, were taken in to assist with enquiries regarding a hold-up at a garage/shop.  Oddly enough, considering the time of year, it was the now closed one that used to be in front of the Norbreck.  They were spotted on a time and date stamped video.  Trouble was, the robbery happened an hour after they left, having bought petrol and an evening paper.  BST.  Never mind that they were obviously not robbing the store on the security video, they "were" there at the time.
I, too, would prefer to avoid being incinerated in mid-air, so the prospect of being scanned at an airport I can live with, and more importantly, after.  One big problem with private security is that it doesn't pay enough to attract the right quality of people at the public-facing level.  With a few exceptions, you usually get someone who likes dressing up at bossing people about.
A big problem is that serious crime will likely be unaffected.  The important thing in the corporate world is to have the right numbers.  You will find a great deal of effort spent on clearing up the easy jobs- lots of small mistakes that can easily be construed as a crime and successfully prosecuted will make the percentage look good.
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