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Author Topic: BUSSI.- Bou of fishing  (Read 1140 times)


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BUSSI.- Bou of fishing
« on: November 19, 2008, 05:11:27 am »


  BOU  of fishing of the coast,  constructed in wood.-
Bou is an auxiliary boat very extended at the end of century XIX by all the Catalan and used coast for diverse works. - Also well-known like “boat fishing” or “falucho” " Of archaic and descending origin probably of the “Buscio” of the Eastern coasts of the Mediterranean. In the East coasts they could arrive up to 5 meters of length.

Their equipment of “triquet” and its Latin sail or of hammer but are used.-

As Characteristic we can say that it is a small boat that dedicated to the fishing of the coast, for shellfishing, nansas, small palangres, etc., being able to also be used like auxiliary boat or of recreation. Of cleared forms and floods, with the classic stem of prow leaving over the crowned trimming and with the “CAP mort”. - The stern stem excels a little; it takes” you sweep”. - Inner it has a small cover in the prow or “tapament of prow”. Two banks, sine, and sidewalk. - It takes to two pairs of “escalamares” and the corresponding oars.”

LENGTH: 52 cm. SLEEVE: 18 cm. HEIGHT: 75 cm.
 EQUIPMENT: of trinquet, or Latin corruption of a “trina”, by its triangular form. It is an ideal equipment to sail fitting and/or of traverse.
SAIL: Latin, of cotton, with entena and the habitual pieces “to car and it suffers” are of pine with a length of: 65 cm. The Latin Sail, due to its considerable difficulty to change it of I embroider, offers two different positioning systems, navigation against the tree, or to the bad one, and on the tree, or to good, that they are characterized to form a single pocket in sail or two, one to each side of the wood.
BLOCKS: Done by hand and according to wood of its construction.
CARRUCHA in the mainmast, to flood sail, of mahogany, done by hand.
HULL: Of classic construction.
KEEL: Of pine, with 200gr. Of lead, covered with Epoxic.
 FORECASTLE: Of tropical wood.
THE WOODS: Of pine, it was left from squared ribbon of the suitable measurement, clearing it with brush, files and sandpaper, in a work that who we have tried to realise we only know it sometimes which is exactly its degree of difficulty.
BOWSPRIT. - Of pine
RUDDER: Of pine, although with the surface something increased in order to improve the maneuverability. CANE: Of Pine and bamboo.
RADIO CONTROL: Futaba, two channels. A servo one to close and open sail, and another one for the rudder. Mabuchi 350 was equipped with a motor, for when the “calm chicha”, maneuvers of precaution , or exhibition. (only avante).
PROPELA: of constructed brass by hand of 1”. -
Brass Horn, and it shoots with an arrow of a bicycle radius. The motor is driven, by means of switch push button, when it abre to the maximum the sail by means of the servo one. (only avante)
PAINTING: TAMIYA., and marine varnish for wood.

V I D E O :[color=red][/size]


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Re: BUSSI.- Bou of fishing
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