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Author Topic: SMokeing  (Read 994 times)


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« on: November 30, 2008, 02:59:45 PM »

Talking about smoke units.... I have just built my first model boat ....from Deans Marine HMS MANXMAN...having decided at the onset that I wanted to have as many "Extras "as I could afford before I retire

One of these extras I wanted was "Smoke" having been to the "Warwick " event in 2007.

AS you all Know the Manxman was a steam turbine so it would seam that clouds of "black smoke" would not look correct so I asked around and was guided to Dave at ACTION ELECTRONICS who sold me the "SEUTHE" units.

I bought two units to install but whilst designing and installing them managed to break only fitted one.

I fixed some 25x25 electrical ducting to the underside of the deck beneath the three stacks [blanked at each end] and cut a section of plastic guttering about 125mm long inverted it and glued that over the bottom of the ducting and after cutting slots to allow the smoke generated to enter these slots ..installed the burner unit on a short length of asbestolux board.

I was lucky enough to be at the club boating lake one sunday morning when a member was selling some bits and amongst them was a vented metal fuel tank which would fit perfectly in the space allowed for the "fuel"  and after making a stable container to hold this cylindrical tank in place and running a power supply from an R/C switcher unit from Dave's emporium ......fired it up and the smoke comes out a treat... up all  three funnels
I am going to obtain a small 12v computer cooling fan from Maplins just to increase the volume of smoke a little and I will be a happy modeler.. thanks to people like you who are not judgemental or condisending to each other when you wish to try something out....
The Bottom line is works well other modelers will attest where I "Float my Boat"                                                     Try it its the icing on top of the cake.   :-))
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