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How do i dim lights on baitboat

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Hi all iam new to forum and new to boat modeling Ive got a angling technics microcat bait boat which some of you may or may not no. Ive striped boat down rewired all lighting with new LED's 6 in total What i would like to do is dim lights from handset. The handset i have got is a futaba skysports 4 t4VF 40MHz I would also like a low battery warning light that cut in at 11.4v if possible sorry if there is a lot of questions but just want this boat to be spot on. Any more info anybody needs i will try and give   

Thank you for any replies in advance


Hi there Led usual are on or off there,s not relay a half way dim light. There are high power extra bright led like you find in a torch and then there low power dull ones. I have not seen an led that gos from bright to dull. Yes if you run an led on very low voltage from it max voltage there's a bit of a drop in brightness but not a lot.
 If you want to go from bright to dull you have 2 options.
1 Replace all led with bulbs.
2. put in 2 lots of led , IE for the port light you would have 2 red led one bright one dull. They would be on to different circuits and you just switch on what you want.

To do it from the hand set is not to hard . On one of the spare channels use a servo to operate  a switch that will control the lights.

As for low battery warning. You will need to find a circuit that monitors battery voltage i would try mapling. There is another option. Measure the amps of your motors on max load.
So for example motor max 4ah X2 =8AH lights = .5 ah so total power is 8.5ah . Battery is 7 ah so you can expect it to last about 45 min approx;s. So after 30 min bring the boat in and measure the battery voltage.


Dimming lights - put a tiller arm on a variable resistor, soldered in between battery and led's, connect to servo et voila, dimming lights. Just find an extra propotional channel to put them on.

Andy :-))

Thanks for replies guys bit lost as i said no not a lot about r/c boats At the moment on handset the right side stick operatats forward reverse left and right The left hand side move to left right hopper opens move to right both hoppers open stick down is lights off stick up is lights on So am i right i thinking i don't have a spare channel to put a servo on and if i did are you saying put a arm onto a variable resister and servo would move it to drop voltage to lights therefore dimming them Does it matter what type of variable resistor i put on Ive one more question the boat runs on pumps and you have to prime them each time you put it into water By this i mean put boat into water lift back of boat clear of water press the on button till water flows out of pumps If you just try and put in water without doing this boat will not move think it is like air locked All microcats do this apart From new Mk2 which thay have sorted this problem out Is there any way i could get pumps to self prime Was thinking drilling a hole in side of pump mounting a tube to it with a one way valve to let air out when you put boat into water Could this work or am i totally wrong i what iam thinking Thanks again for replies any more help would be great


Been looking around on web and i think ive found pumps what are in my baitboat think thay are these if this helps anybody


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