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Author Topic: tank battleground  (Read 819 times)

prof charles

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tank battleground
« on: January 29, 2009, 10:29:36 am »

I put pics and full details on the UK tank talk forum, but because I had the word Mosque in the details they scrubbed  it out as it might offend some of our mo slum friends , so I did not put any pics on the chit chat forum in case it happened again, in case you did not read or see the details, these are they...  22 sqd ( my old unit) SAS are given the job of rescuing 12 students and six aid workers who have been kidnapped by terrorists, and are being held in a mosque type building 43 miles inside what is known as enemy ground, air transport is out as the whole area is defended by loads of ground to air missiles, so a plan has been drawn up whereby the ten men who are going to do the job were given two tanks, a bulldog and a leopard, the engines of which have been treated to make them as quiet as possible, to get to the hostages, there are two mine fields to get through, as well as two big pill boxes armed with stinger missiles and 50m cannon, there is also a command centre with a trench also defended with missiles and 50m cannon then comes the main radar centre which has to be taken out, the main problem is the mosque itself , the terrorist who are European picked the mosque knowing that if it is attacked and damaged or destroyed it would cause an uprising of all the Arab states around. by the side of the building is a   tower in which there is a lookout armed with a missile launcher it has been decided that only the top of the tower can be attacked, and the lookout put out of action making the way clear for an explosive charge to be put on the door of the mosque, so that the terrorists inside can be taken out, this to be done in the hours of darkness. this then is the plan of action, the first tank will be followed by the second with a five minute gap between the two.
This is run as a competition, time taken to do the job, points awarded for hits on the targets, also for the correct ammo used, there is a choice of three types all of which can be used these are white are HE yellow are air burst, and florescent are armour piercing, points are lost for hits on any part of the mosque other than the tower top, and finally just past the mosque there is an old Russian tank which has been put out of action by the RAF but which has had the turret repaired and the gun fires this has to be hit three times by armour piercing in order to take it out, if any of the two tanks is hit by just a single shot it is out of action.         This then is the battleground and plan of action each player is given a set of rules in which are instructions as to what type of ammo is to be used on what target. 

Boy From the Bay

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Re: tank battleground
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2009, 10:49:27 am »

I still live in Hereford.
Where did you used to drink?
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