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Author Topic: DiD I tell ya about the timeI worked for stevens Tech in Hoboken,NJ  (Read 740 times)


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I was maintenance there years ago and had the opertunity to go into there Hull testing lab.
  I couldnt beleave all the model hulls they have in there racks. You know what my first question was, "Do you ever discard any of"  Well they said no. He ask me why, I said I would love to build a top on one. All there hulls are topless ,now dont get excited. Most were aronud 1/92nd scale aound 5-7 feet long ,nice for a build. But thy explained that if there were an accident with a ship that as copied from one of them they can go back to see if there was a defect over looked. There tank f wawa was cool too about 200ft long with a draging machine across it and a wave maker at the end. Well thats aout it. It was fun seeing this place back in 1987.
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