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Hi all, came across this forum while looking for information on covering the hull of my baitboat.I am more of a fisherman than a model boat enthusiast but if it means i can bag a few more fish and save a few quid, its gotta be worth a look.
 As you can see in the pic i have constructed a mdf and balsa frame work which i am three parts through covering with 0.8mm balsa sheets,cant cover it all just yet as im waiting for electrics. I intend to leave all the frame work in and was planning on covering it with some kind of glass fibre/resin?? This is where im not sure and was hoping someone here could help? Do i need to use heavy duty matting or can i use fibreglass tissue and build up the layers so it gives a better finish and less sanding is required? Also do i have to cover the whole boat in one session or can i do it in stages and lay fresh 'wet' tissuue on the already dry parts?? Any help much appreciated,thanks.

tissue in a few layers would be fine, but don't forget, tissue and resin arn't really waterproof. it's the gell coat you put on as the outside layer that provides the waterproof coat. :-))

I covered my Hellcat in dope and tissue, under Glynn Guest's reccomendation, it's absolutely rock hard, and far easier than glassing, as you can see in my Crusader 3 build thread (Herehttp://www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=15820.0)

You can see the Hellcat, with its dope and tissue (not glassfibre tissue, ordinary model aircraft covering tissue) Here http://www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=8783.0

Oh, and if you're using 0.8mm balsa, you may want to do two layers of it, because it's quite weak stuff, especially along the grain.

Hope this helps

Andy :-))

Tissue and grp resin will be fine and it will be 100% waterproof build it up 2 layers at a time,leave to dry,quick rub down with 80grit and then recover with another 2 coats,Buy the proper grp tissue.Using the old fashioned tissue and dope WILL NOT  work in this instance due to the knocks and general wear and tear a bait boat will have.When you have given it 4 layer of tissue sand down initially with 80grit and then with 180 prime it then rub down again with 400 grit and paint it the colour of choice.Personally I would use Halfords acrylic or Even Plasticoat paint


Thanks for the help guys, i think i get it now, am i right in thinking that if i was to use polyester resin it already contains some kind of waterproofing and so would not need to apply a gelcoat?Also the boat is to be powered by 2 jet drives,1 in the back of each float,will i need to use the steering nozzles on the drives or will the boat turn if the pumps are powered independantly?Many thanks.


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