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Author Topic: fuse  (Read 5365 times)


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Re: fuse
« Reply #25 on: April 17, 2009, 09:58:13 pm »

Thats a bit rich, a bloke called Wombat calling me a muppet


Wombat isn't a name, it's a description.....W.O.M.B.A.T. 

No offence meant, but reverse voltage protection units strike me as a totally redundant - it is isn't as if, in most cases, one is having to disconnect and reconnect in a hurry or under pressure where mistakes are likely to be made. I think better to stress good wiring practice - polarised connections or preventing wrong connections by limiting options  - for example obvious colour coding or arranging the wiring so you cannot connect it wrong. As an alternative to RVP units, have a look for a tutorial on "Poka-yoke" (Mistake Proofing). For example, on a battery, arrange the connections so that they will not connect if you put the battery in the wrong way, and cannot be connected the wrong way even if you put the battery in the right way. So if you have an SLA with connections at one end, bring the connections in from the side so one connection is longer than the other - arrange the short one so that it cannot stretch the the far side of the battery - it then becomes impossible to insert the connections the wrong way.


Genius - no, far from it, just spent so long bodging things together that I've learned a few tricks. As for knowledge - there are some very big gaps (Switched Mode Power Supplies for one) and a lot of the knowledge is focussed on the arcane (you want to measure 100uV on top of 600KV then I'm your man) - I'm just good at BS (spent too long in management) and sounding convincing

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