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Author Topic: Strangest Lawsuit ever???  (Read 986 times)


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Strangest Lawsuit ever???
« on: April 21, 2009, 06:27:16 pm »

Seen this in the Times.

A judge in Stuttgart, Germany, is currently trying to decide on a lawsuit in which a man hired his neighbour to impregnate his wife.

It gets weirder.

Demetrius Soupolos, 29, and his former beauty queen wife, Traute, were very keen to have a child together, but Demetrius was sterile so they began to seek out other possible options.

The option the couple eventually decided on was to hire their neighbour Frank Maus, 34, to impregnate Traute.

Maus, who was already married with two children agreed to do the job for the fee of 2,000. For three evenings a week for the next six months, a total of 72 different times, Maus tried to impregnate Traute.

When his own wife objected, Maus explained that he was "only doing it for the money."

After the unsuccessful six-month period Soupolos insisted that Maus take a medical examination. The doctor concluded that Maus was also sterile, which forced his wife into admitting that their two children did not belong to him.

Soupolos is now suing Maus in an effort to get his money back. Maus' argument is that he did not guarantee conception, only that he would try his hardest. {-) {-) %%
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Re: Strangest Lawsuit ever???
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2009, 08:58:56 am »

This is a true one and a classic? <:( <:(

A man bought a large RV ( what we call ) camper van in the states.

On a long run cross state he switched on the "cruise control", got from his drivers seat and went back to make a "Corfeee" on the stove with the inevitable consequences!!! %% %% %% %%

He sued the manufacturers for all losses "because the manual for the RV didn't tell him in writing that the vehicle WOULDN'T DRIVE ITSELF, on cruise control like the automatic pilot did on his private aircraft {:-{ {:-{ {-) {-) O0 O0 O0.

I believe he won his case >>:-( >>:-( >>:-(
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