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I shall be following this build with keen interest, tried it didnt work smashed the thing to bits end of story.

heres a link to a LARGER on that may be of some use if you havent seen it before in your research.

good luck with the build O0



Could you tell me what problems you had?


hi Ian your a brave man as that one mean feat of model boat headache. O0
I have often though about building one of these boat but could never get my head a round how to get the ballast system to work. To get the boat to go up and down with no cargo is not to hard as it the same as a sub. But when she lifts and picks up another boat all the trim is out and needs compensating . Its this i could never work out . It would be nice to hear your ideas . All the best cant wait for the next up date.


Well, at the moment I have the idea of 4 seperate ballast tanks and pumps, so I should (hopeful!) be able to adjust the trim. The water tanks look at the moment as though they will hold about 21 litresl of water.

Physical location of the gear is something I havent sorted yet!


I had problems when i tried to get the water into the milk cartons i was using in the hull, the hull rolled to one side everytime i tried to get her submerged which is probably why i got annoyed and bined it.

The only other thing i recall was trying to get the hull submerged with just the water, didnt work as i was just effectivly adding water to the inside of the hull which didnt change the overall ballast of the hull.

Hope this is of some help



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