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Author Topic: June 6th D-Day  (Read 808 times)


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June 6th D-Day
« on: June 06, 2009, 09:55:16 am »

Today the celebrations are on over in France and beyond and rightly so for many But two or three things always come to mine for me.

What about May 8th and Aug 15th they don't seem to be celebrated the same but are possibly more important days to celebrate.

And today where are the German D-Day veterans, the German troops that defended the beach's did there duty to their flag and country as much as the allies. it was the Nazi party and upper rank SS that were Evil. The men at the front on either side were doing their duty and being hero's

John C

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Re: June 6th D-Day
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2009, 06:34:10 pm »

Judging by the stream of German coaches pouring into York today, they've decided this country is the safest place to hang out for the weekend (nothing against the Germans they were just doing their job as dictated).
And by the French attitude to the veterans, they (the veterans) should have stayed in England, but I appreciate they wanted to pay tribute to fallen mates . I really was tearful listening to the commentary from the French (D Day ) beaches because I lost most of my family there (before I was born) , one of the exceptions being the Uncle (RN) I was named after, who died from injuries after the war ( I have his letters to my Mother from the hospital, and a leather handbag all hand stiched that he made for her).
I'm sorry, I just think this was a rather poor do considering the sacrifices that were made.

John C


The picture on my cavatar is the HMS Capel sinking after being blown in half by a German torpedo. It was Boxing day and my Father in law who was 18 at the time had just come off watch and sat down for his dinner.
The German submarine had previously sunk an Allied troopship the Leopold with all hands, and my father in law was one of only 40 who got off the Capel before she sank in minutes.
He spent 24 hours in the water before being picked up by a US fast patrol boat (he will not have a word said against the Yanks to this day, as all the british ships wouldn't stop for fear of torpedo attack) and then spent a month in hospital followed by a month survivors leave, after which he was posted to small ships (minesweepers).
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