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Author Topic: Yacht "launch-aid" to save stooping/kneeling at pond and risk falling in  (Read 2930 times)


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Has anyone made a device or aid to launch a model yacht without stooping or kneeling on the edge of the pond. My father in-law has severe arthritis and could easily fall in the pond. Motor boats use a pair of straps slipped over either end of the boat but I didn't know if this would get in the way of the rudder or sails/mast? Fitting some large ringed hooks to fit a handle too or a trolley that tips into the pond to pick it up like a fork lift seems the obvious idea. This will be for the Graupner True Blue yacht.  Any ideas? Mike

Roger in France

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I use a large diameter, sectioned, extendable fishing pole which has a hook on the end which allows me to lift my "Laser" yacht. However, the latter is not too heavy.

My main problem is not so much lifting the yacht in and out but getting it close to the shore to lift it out. I sail in natural lakes with shallow shores and often retaining rocks. The deep keel on the yacht makes it often impossible to sail in further than about 2m. from dry land.

Not sure that helps you much but knowing Mayhemmers as I do you will soon get some helpful suggestions.

Roger in France


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We have a chappie in our club who has made something like a scaled down sack barrow which as you say acts as a forked lift but his keel rest on the forks.

For my model boats I use car timing belts which can be obtained free of charge from your local garage in copious amounts as they only throw the old ones away.

These come in a multitude of sizes to suit giants to dwarfs.
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we got a couple of blokes who have knocked up a launch/carry frame out of 15mmOD copper tube. he uses it to launch/recover his Happy Hunter and a couple of other boats. Simple c frame and some basic plumbing skills reqd!!!
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In our club Victoria yachts (admittedly smaller than a True Blue) are launched by picking them up by the top of the mast and dropping them in the lake. Recovery the reverse.
I would have thought that you could do this with most reasonable size bermuda rig boats.
True Blue only weighs about 3.8kg.



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I have seen a very good solution.

Have a look here
The reply with the time satamp July 31 2009 10.44 am.

There are 5 photos, it is the last 3 you need to see.

This is a simple cradle made from plastic waterpipe and fittings.
- it is a handy carrier (one handed)
- allows you to lower the boat safely,
- and retrieve the boat easily.

The keel sits between the two hooked arms of the carrier.
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This simple plastic handle arrangement looks like a good solution. A guy with a twin masted yacht was able to pick it up by the masts but my mast will pull out. I thought about fitting two securing rings into the deck and either attachingthem to the cross stay and using as a handle or having to lines held at the top of the mast that can be easily attached to a carrying handle. I'll play around with these ideas and look to see if anyone has any others. Thanks. Mike


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I have a bad back (slipped discs) and knocked up a trolley (see fotos - hopefully) which met the following criteria :-
*suitable for yachts(with or without fins) and 'powered' craft * suitable for wheeling to the waters edge. * capable of being wheeled into the water or lowered over the edge of a jetty etc, for launching and retrieval. *lightweight and easily stowed in the car. *materials available from B & Q.

15mm copper tube
4 0ff 'T' connectors
4 off 90degree bends
Aluminium 'U' extrusion (to fit over 15mm copper tube for additional strength)
Studding (for axle)
2 off wheels (the wider the better (for traversing sand or muddy waters edge0 - I used surplus Bar-B Que wheels
15mm pipe insulation.

Height 39", Width 17", Depth 16" (or own dimensions to suit)

It has proven to be one of my better ideas and I wouldn't be without it.

Good luck

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